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Your Questions Our Answers (FAQ)


What is Merry Spell?

Merry Spell is a personalized fun learning education program which focuses on your child’s overall development. Our program includes monthly activity packages, weekly contests and workshops for kids and parents. The program will be designed by experts exclusively according to the needs of your child.

What is personalized learning?

Personalized learning helps to shape different unique talents into successful careers. It provides proper instructional approaches that are optimized for an individual learner. It focuses on the interests of an individual and makes him excel in the particular field.

What will be the contents of the personalized package?

MerrySpell understands the fact that every child is different. Therefore, the contents of the package will be customized according to their interest fields. It will contain various DIY kits, merchandise, flash cards and much more. Package will be designed after expert assessment of your child.

Why should I become a member?

MerrySpell will cater the needs that school education system lack. Our program will not only improve your child’s knowledge but your child will also get guidance from experts of various fields like photography, science, movie making, entrepreneurship, innovation etc. Parents will also be benefitted as each and every child related issue will be resolved. To know more about the benefits please visit : https://www.merryspell.com/#membershipbenefits

How MerrySpell is different than other educational programs?

We at MerrySpell give importance to every individual child. From the very beginning of the registration our child expert will give attention to the needs of your child.Unlike other educational programs we don’t have universal syllabus. Our entire syllabus will be depending on interests and mental levels of your child. For this reason, our interactive content package will also be tailored according to your child’s interest.

How will I track my child’s progress?

MerrySpell’s experts will continuously track the progress of your child. Our experts will be in constant touch with you and your child so in case any change is required. This will ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit out of our program.

How the expert will interact with my child?

The experts will interact through video call sessions. Each session would be of 45 minutes or above. In these sessions the experts will analyze the mental level of the child by asking them a set of questions. Input by parents will also be taken into consideration while assessing the child.

Will this program help my child in studies?

MerrySpell is like an add-on to the school education system. Our program consists of various interactive activities and experiments which helps to develop thinking process, creativity and innovative skills in a child. All of these skills are beneficial to boost academic performance of a kid.


MerrySpell is the best way to tell your kids you love them!


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