Summer Camp 2020

MerrySpell Innovation Summer Camp helps children discover, imagine, and create. This camp focuses on many elements which help on improving cognitive, interpersonal, decision making, social, critical thinking, problem solving and many more skills.

Innovation Kits for your child to start building prototypes

Idea generation to create curiosity for knowledge

Innovation workshops to give shape to ideas

Get mentorship from our team of qualified engineers and innovators

Personality grooming to create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Group discussions on various topics related to innovation

Access to guides and books to improve knowledge

Get a chance to become an inventor and get global recognition

Activities Covered

Brain Storming

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Idea Generation

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Mind Mapping Technique

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Thought Experiments

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Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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Presentation Skills

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Design Thinking

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How MerrySpell Works?


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Preparing the Child

Our experts and innovators will start preparing the child for brainstorming and idea generation.

Learn about Innovation

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Mind mapping & Low Fidelity Prototype

We will prepare the child to develop prototypes of their ideas.

Explore Innovation Kits

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Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

After finalizing the innovation we teach lessons about entrepreneurship.

Innovation Workshops 

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Door Opens For Activities

Parents and kids will get unlimited access to all our worldwide events, camps, workshops and contests.

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Global Member

Get a chance to connect with kids of the same age from all over the world and collectively work on exclusive projects.

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MerrySpell Won "The Delhi Icon Awards 2018 - Excellence In Kids Camp" awarded by Radio City 91.1 Dainik Jagran Initiative

Know All About the MerrySpell Innovation Kits

MerrySpell Innovation kit is the first stepping stone to the world of innovation and creativity. These kits consists of DIY projects and tools that engages the kids for hours of fun.

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Your Questions Our Answers (FAQ)


What is Merry Spell?

Merry Spell is personalized fun innovation program which focuses on your child’s overall development. Our program includes innovation kits, weekly contests and workshops for kids and parents. The program will be designed by experts exclusively according to individual needs.

What we do in our workshops?

Our workshops promote the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and creativity. By using our innovation kits, kids are able to shape their ideas into realities. Our innovators teach science and its applications in a fun-filled way.

What is innovation?

Innovation is turning an idea into a valuable solution or product. An innovation is generated to satisfy a specific need. To innovate something we need the useful application of imagination, information and initiative. Innovations often require risk-taking because it hasn’t been done before.

What is the age group for the innovation workshop and kits?

We believe that innovation has no age barrier. Anyone irrespective of their age can become an innovator with necessary skills. MerrySpell innovation workshop teaches the skills to become the innovators of tomorrow. However, our innovation kits are best suitable for 3 to 15-year-old kids.

What are the benefits of learning innovation?

Learning innovation is very important in our lives. It makes us more adaptable to our environment and fills us with knowledge. The young minds start to seek more knowledge to fulfil their curiosity. This knowledge and curiosity are greatly beneficial in both academic and practical life.

What’s inside the innovation kits?

The innovation kits provide the first building stones to start innovation on your own. You will find the necessary tools and models to start shaping your ideas.

Will it benefit in studies?

Yes, learning innovation helps greatly in science and mathematics. Plus, it generates curiosity which continuously searches for knowledge.

Who will be teaching in the workshops?

MerrySpell has a team of highly qualified engineers and innovators who have worked in many reputed international projects.


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