Activity Boxes For Kids

Activity Boxes For Kids


"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."-Benjamin Franklin

12 Boxes 12 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

MerrySpell delivers 12 different boxes throughout the year right at the convenience of your doorstep. These 12 boxes provided with 12 different themes to the contents of the box. Plus, we also provide exclusive merchandise based on the theme of the box. Children get excited and curious to receive new content every month. Finally, MerrySpell has its birthday special box which is specially personalized with the best goodies and stuff, it is delivered on the birthday month of the child.

Contents Of The Box


Educational Activities to make the child better understand his/her school curriculum and syllabus.

Educational Activities to make the child better understand his/her school curriculum and syllabus: These activities are interactive and practical in nature, they require the attention of the child.

Fun Educational Games

Fun Educational Games: These games are interesting games which infuse curiosity in the child to know more

Flash cards

Flash cards having instructions to make children learn new skills ( Eg-How to make Jewellery , Making various types of cards [ for special occasions & business cards ] , Making dummy volcano at home, Handmade soaps etc )

Tools and Instruments

We provide objects and instruments which will promote the spirit of experiential learning with hands-on experience.

Areas We Cover

Movie Making

Public Speaking

General Knowledge

Space Science

Social Work

Brain Boosting Activities

Engineering And Robotics


Music And Dance

Entrepreneurship And Leadership

Artistic Activites

Science Experiments

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