Activity Boxes For Kids

Activity Boxes For Kids

  • Get personalized activity boxes delivered to your doorstep every month.

  • These boxes are packed with fun DIY activities.

  • We ensure that kids use their free time productively while having fun.

  • Instead of spending time on TV or Mobile, your child can complete activities and improve skills.

Why should I buy MerrySpell activity box?

  • Our education experts designs the activity boxes after knowing your child’s interests

  • Personalized learning makes it possible to set an appropriate difficulty level.

  • Our activities gives hands-on experience to the concepts learned in the school.

  • We make sure whether your child is benefiting from the activity boxes

  • Our activity boxes can be personalized for any age group.

  • 12 different months, 12 different themes of activities

  • We deliver the most attractive activity box on the birthday month

"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."-Benjamin Franklin

12 Boxes 12 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

MerrySpell delivers 12 different boxes throughout the year. These 12 boxes provided with 12 different themes to the contents of the box. Every month has its own special activities. The merchandises are also themed. This makes the activity box more interesting and unpredictable for the kid. Kids always have a perfect motivation and never get bored while being engaged in new projects & activities.

Contents Of The Box

Educational activities related to your child’s school syllabus

Scientific kits to give hands-on experience to the laws & concepts your kid have studied in the schools

Craft projects which improve creativity & fine-motor skills to help the kids in art classes at school

Worksheets with dot-to-dot coloring, coloring, mazes, English reading and compositions etc. Out of the box activities

DIY models to create lookalike models of vehicles, buildings, bridges, objects etc.

Robotics kit to understand the fundamentals of robots

Learn and earn based activities. Children can upload their activities to win gifts from MerrySpell.

Areas We Cover

Movie Making

Public Speaking

Space Science

General Knowledge

Social Work

Brain Boosting Activities

Engineering And Robotics


Music And Dance

Entrepreneurship And Leadership

Artistic Activites

Science Experiments

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Academic Subjects

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