Innovation Kits for Kids

Innovation Kits For Kids

  • Get activity kits delivered to your doorstep every month.

  • These kits are packed with fun DIY activities.

  • We ensure that kids use their free time productively while having fun.

  • Instead of spending time on TV or Mobile, your child can complete activities and improve skills.

Innovation Kits we Provide


1. The Young Craftsman Box

This box will have activities related to art and craft. It includes decorative and handicraft items. The kids will need to do a lot of paper folding and cutting to build the projects. By exploring this box children will not only improve their creativity, imagination but also their short attention spans. This creativity is very important in the early ages to unlock the maximum brain development. The young children love to spend hours to complete the artistic and craft builds of this activity box.

2. The Innovative Mind Box

This box will include small invention kits which would introduce the necessity of an innovative mind in a child. After assessing the problems children themselves will be able to develop solutions. By building their own innovation, the kids will feel the pride of completing something. This improves their self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

3. The Engineering Marvels Box

This box will include downsized models of real engineering models like a car, tanks, pulleys, etc. Kids will develop their insight by learning about the basic mechanisms of engineering. Children are exposed to the real environment, which in turn, provides them with a platform for practical training. These activities are best suited for children as they get to study various components of engineering. It not only develops their insight but also improves their concentration level. It is bound to mould the personality of the children.

4. The Electro Master Box

This box includes activities related to electricity. The kids will explore electrical components like wire, motors, buzzers, switches, electromagnets, capacitors, resistors, etc. By exploring this box children learn about electricity in a fun-filled and safer manner. Plus, the worksheets and diagrams teach various concepts in a more visually appealing way. This makes the kids learn real-life applications of electricity. Instead of relying on textbooks to teach electricity you can introduce this box to providing hands-on experience.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."-Benjamin Franklin

What's Inside the Box?

You will get educational activities related to your child’s school syllabus

Scientific kits to give hands-on experience to the laws & concepts your kid have studied in the schools

Logical worksheets to teach Science, Robotics, and Mathematics

DIY models to create lookalike models of vehicles, buildings, bridges, objects etc.

Robotics kit to understand the fundamentals of robots

Learn and earn based activities. Children can upload their activities to win gifts from MerrySpell.

Areas We Cover

Public Speaking

Space Science

General Knowledge

Social Entrepreneurship

Brain Boosting Activities

Engineering And Robotics

Entrepreneurship And Leadership

Artistic Activites

Science Experiments

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