Advantages of Extracurricular Activities

Students spend countless hours in studies. They study night and day to crack their exams. However, every school also promotes a variety of extracurricular activities for the kids. In fact, in some schools, these activities have become an addition to their curriculum. Be it sports, music, drama or debates, every school organizes extra curriculum activities.

What are the advantages of extracurricular activities?

  • Kids get a break from their studies: Kids remain entirely occupied through their academic year. They have to prepare for classwork, homework, projects, class tests, unit test, and exams. To give them a relief from their hectic schedule extracurricular activities helps them in a fun-filled way. These activities may give them chance to explore the outside.
  • Helpful in developing a new skill: These activities always have some motive behind them. They help the child to develop soft skills which can’t be achieved only by studying academics. For example; public speaking activities like debating, speeches and recitation are very beneficial to improve one’s confidence levels. Participating in musical and dance activities can give a spark to the real ambition of a child.
  • They provide social opportunities: The majority of the extracurricular activity takes place in a group. Thus, your child will meet new people and make new friends. By engaging in extracurricular activities your child interacts with people who share similar interests. This gives them the potential to build friend outside of their usual circle.
  • Build an impressive career profile: These days every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a good degree. What they don’t have is a unique skill set which defines them from the rest. By participating in extracurricular activities your child builds a solid career profile which has more skills than a regular degree. Of course, this increases the chance of getting selected.

MerrySpell works as an effective additive to regular academic education. MerrySpell provides extracurricular activities in the form of activity boxes with DIY projects. Kids can also enjoy group activities with other kids organized by MerrySpell.

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