Assignments stimulate independent thinking

There has been an age long debate about the importance of assignments/homework. In fact, over hundreds of studies have been conducted to evaluate the importance of assignments. On one hand, some studies have found it academically beneficial. On the other hand, some found it waste of time.

In reality assignments are just like other things in our life. When given in a limit can help in a constructive way. Whereas, extremes can always do more harm than any good. So to begin with assignments must be meaningful in nature, reasonable in amount.

Here’s how assignments can stimulate independent thinking:

  1. It helps to improve memory and thinking capacity of a child: Assignments may become repetitive at one point. But this repetition helps a child to grow better memory capacity which gradually improves the thinking process.
  2. It helps to develop a habit of studying: Assignments helps to develop positive study skills which helps him throughout his life. It makes the child to have a consistency towards studies.
  3. Develops problem solving abilities: As assignments comes in the form of questions. They help to develop problem solving abilities in a child. This ability later helps them to take bigger decisions.
  4. Your child learns to use time wisely: Assignments often take a lot of time to complete. But it teaches your child how to prioritize their time effectively.
  5. Your child learns about responsibility: Just like a professional work environment, assignments gives children the opportunity to take the responsibility of tasks.
  6. It helps your child to revise classwork: A child has to revise his classwork to complete an assignment. This helps him to prepare better for the exams.
  7. Child learns to use various resources: A productive assignment requires the children to utilize various resources like internet, libraries, reference books etc. This teaches them to utilize various resources.
  8. It gives children more time to explore subjects: Often Classroom time is not sufficient for a child to understand the depth of the subject. Assignments gives them the opportunity to explore the topics in depth. This also helps them to develop better general knowledge.
  9. Parents get to know about their children’s progress: Often parents are unable to track what their child is learning at the school. However, with the help of assignments parents are also able to track what they are learning.
  10. Parents can also provide guidance at studies: Assignments gives parents the chance to guide their child at home. This gradually improves the relation between the child and parent.

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