Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher


The tree of wisdom must be shared with others. With MerrySpell E-Tutor, you can share your knowledge and skills with students while earning handsomely as well. With your passion and dedication, it could open new paths for a prosperous career for you which will take you to the next level in your financial security.

Why Teach with MerrySpell?



Earn More with MerrySpell

You can get paid handsomely by teaching on E-Tutor. The more the classes the more you earn on MerrySpell E-Tutor.


Become a Mentor

If you have the right knowledge, then share it with others to become their mentor. You gain their respect and get their good reviews. In the end, they only choose you for their classes.


Knowledge = Wisdom

Knowledge is endless in this world. While teaching you also fill your fool your wisdom. Gain knowledge and improve your knowledge as well.


Flexible Working Hours

With MerrySpell you are not bounded by time. You can select your preferred working hours and work according to yourself.


Grow with your performance

Your reviews increase your earnings. Earn the best earning with your best performance. Target your goals from the very start to improve.


Join the Teacher’s Community

MerrySpell consists of an active teacher’s community. As a teacher, you can interact with other qualified teachers and make new friends.


Easy to Use Interface

MerrySpell E-Tutor portal is a flexible and easy to use portal. You just need a laptop with working internet connection. There is no extra investment so you take every penny you earn.


No need to travel

MerrySpell E-Tutoring in an online platform. Thus, you don’t need to spend a penny or a minute traveling anywhere. You could be working from home in your pajamas drinking an espresso.



What subjects are offered at MerrySpell?

We at MerrySpell cover subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Economics, Political Science, Geography and many more!

How much time it takes to get listed on MerrySpell?

To get listed first you need to join the E-Tutor program by submitting all the necessary details and documents. Our admin will verify all the information and get you listed within 2-3 days only when you qualify.

What are the minimum qualifications required teach at MerrySpell?

To become a tutor at MerrySpell you should at least have a bachelors degree from a recognized college.

Is computer proficiency a must to conduct the online classes at MerrySpell?

Yes, to teach the subjects you must have the knowledge and skills to handle computers and various accessories like a stylus and graphics tablets.

Will I get any technical support if I face any issues during my online classes?

Yes, you will receive technical assistance for any technical failure from our side. However, you have to specify the nature of the technical problem to our technical team.

Can I set my own price as a teacher?

Yes, you can adjust your price and your subject when registering to our portal. However, the admin will determine whether you are worthy of the price or not.

Do I need to pay anything to become a teacher at MerrySpell?

No, there’s no registration fee to become a teacher at MerrySpell. Your selection completely depends on your merit.

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