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How to get your child more active?

Physical activities are very important for children. They effectively improve their physical strength, well-being and disciplinary habits. Engaging your kids more in more outdoor activities helps your children to stay healthy in the long run. The parents often give a huge importance to outdoor...

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The Human Circulatory System

The human circulatory system is a complex system which consists of a heart, blood vessels and about 5 liters of blood, which gets transmitted through the blood vessels. These blood vessels help the circulatory system to transport oxygen, nutrients, hormones and cellular waste products....

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Experiential Learning: A Method Where Kids Relate Themselves With The Learning Process

Over the past decades the education system around the globe has remained the same. Teaching with a universal definition of a topic or phenomenon has remained the same idea. The kids may have a very good memory to memorize such stuff, but they don’t...

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Assignments stimulate independent thinking

There has been an age long debate about the importance of assignments/homework. In fact, over hundreds of studies have been conducted to evaluate the importance of assignments. On one hand, some studies have found it academically beneficial. On the other hand, some found it...

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