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Children safety, monitoring, infrastructure, and quality is an everyday concern for parents and teachers. In this fast changing globalizing world both the parents are required to work for their financial freedom and security. The modern parent understands the importance of physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development but primarily the initial concern is all about safety, security and education standards.

Merryspell provides an innovative solution to these everyday problems. We have created a certification program for pre-schools which will evaluate them according to their facilities and standards.

MerrySpell Quality Standards

Safety & Infrastructure

  • Reinforced gates and fences for enhanced safety
  • Periodic cleaning of the toys, walls and floors to prevent germination
  • Only recognized guardian can take the child from school (requires ID)
  • Biometrics (fingerprint) to track the attendance of the teachers and staff
  • Neat & clean premises with pest control and fumigation
  • Parents or guardians may enter the facility at any time to observe or pick up their child.
  • Child safe interiors and furniture
  • First- Aid kits and medical services
  • 100% Child safe nontoxic toys
  • Safe outdoor playground
  • Sanitized washrooms with anti-germs cleaners
  • Smoke & heat detector to detect any signs of fire

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Transparent windows on classroom doors and windows
  • Advanced security cameras for Surveillance
  • Server management to store the footage of CCTV
  • Regular health monitoring for child‚Äôs health
  • Immediately notifying the parent in case of illness or injury

Teachers & Staff

  • Proper police background verification of staff and teachers
  • Record tracker to track who drops and picks up each child
  • Trained staff to perform a CPR and First Aid in an emergency
  • Proper ratio of the staff for the children

Teaching Methodology & Curriculum

  • Educational toys
  • Play-based learning
  • E-Learning facility
  • Zero homework policy
  • Occasional events
  • Festive celebrations
  • Rhymes and Songs

Exclusive Features

  • Healthy Meals
  • Diet plans for individual child
  • Transport facility
  • Free gifts on special occasions
  • Special¬†merchandise
  • Picnics
  • Digital entertainment

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