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The whole world works with technology. Do you want your child to get left behind? Raise a computer expert of tomorrow. Learn development at an early age and become the cyber kid. Learn about programing language along with web development.



Science is fun when taught with real-world practical experiments. Who likes theory when it can’t be applied to real things? Enjoy some of the best experiments. Your child will never lose interest in our practical classes.



The world is a canvas and you are its designer! Learn animation from professional animators. Improve your creativity and create new masterpieces. Become a young animator and animate the world. Work on some industry-level software.



What is 2 + 2? Okay, Mathematics is not that easy. But it isn’t that hard either. Learn Maths in a completely different and fun way. Learn concepts like Pythagoras theorem with real-world examples. Introduce your kid with some ancient Vedic maths.



Innovation brings our world from backwardness. Necessity gives the birth to an invention. Explore the world of possibilities and invent new concepts. Think out of the box and earn creative satisfaction. Perfect program for innovators.



Space travel and aviation are not possible without the research on aerodynamics. The fundamental of air transport is dependent upon streamlined aerodynamic shape. Learn how to build agile air crafts and fly your own model.



You are about to the age of robots, the age where everything is controlled by robots. So, why let them control you when you can learn to build and control them on your own? Learn robotics in the most fun-filled way with hands-on experience.


Public Speaking

Effective communication is very important for the propagation of ideas. You may have a good idea. But it has no worth if you are unable to plant it in people’s mind. Improve your personality and communicate effectively.


Film Making

Capture and direct your own movie. Filmmaking is one of the most profitable industry in the world. Prepare your kid to become the next rising star. Introduce your child to the world of filmmaking and make a career out of it.


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