Cats are one of the most popular pets that people prefer to keep at home. They have proved to be a good companion to humans since a long time. Cats were kept earlier on farms to hunt mice. Humans like them for their friendly nature. Cats feed on meat for their survival and hence they are termed as carnivorous animals. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts that you should know about cats.

Interesting Facts about Cats


1. A cat is known for large eye sockets

The display of large pupils is often a sign of surprise and excitement. It entirely depends on the situation. The eyes of the cat enlarge because they get really excited at a certain stage.

2. Cats sleep a lot

Cats are lazy creatures. They can sleep for more than 18 hours a day. If you look at their posture, you will find that they keep changing their position continuously. It’s worth watching a cat when they are sleeping.

young-cat-sleeping-TS_180073269 (1)
cat-1185006_640 (1)

3. Cats love to be clean and tidy

Cats are often seen scrubbing themselves. They keep licking their body constantly to stay in style. Cats prefer to be clean and tidy.

4. Cats are quiet creatures

Cats don’t make much noise. They are well-behaved animals. Unlike the dog, they prefer to stay in a quiet environment.


maxresdefault (3)

5. Cats are Independent animals

There is no need to pay much heed to the cat. Cats don’t need a vigilant eye. They can look after themselves pretty well. Cats require less attention than dogs.

6. Cats are mischievous animals

Cats are playful in nature. They are sometimes found in your closet. They have been caught knocking over things at night. Cats can entertain themselves with a variety of homemade toys. They also learn to use doorknobs in a short time.

cuddly-cat (1)

7. Cats are very affectionate

When a cat licks you, it means they love you. Humans show love by petting the cat all over their body. It’s a symbol of love and affection.

8. Cats never wake up in a good mood

Cats love to wake you up in the morning. They always wake up in a bad mood. Cats like to cuddle with you after waking up. They are sweet creatures.


9. Cats are temperamental

Cats can meow the whole day if they don’t get what they want. It’s better to obey your cat before their behavior goes out of hand.

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