It is an undeniable fact that dogs are the most loyal creatures on this planet. They are even more loyal than humans. There have been countless stories about dogs praising their loyalty in the most difficult situations like war, prison escape, survival stories etc. From being a part of militaries, lifeguard service, this species in the animal kingdom has proven its impeccable intelligence as well.

10 Interesting Facts About Dogs


1. Dogs have better low light visibility

We might be praising our human race for having an impeccable eyesight with a vison covering around 5 kilometers. But this becomes useless when humans are asked to see in the dark. Dogs, on the other hand, can easily see in the dark as well. For this reason, dogs have been used in the armies for centuries to spot the enemies in the dark. Dogs have an advanced retina which consists of a particular layer which reflects the light.

2. A utilitarian animal

We can say that dogs are the most functional and helpful animal in the world. Various Arms and defense agencies like Military, security, paramedics, firefighters, investigation bureaus utilize dogs in their daily practices.


3.A dog is not color blind

You might have heard common myths regarding dog’s vision, that it is color-blind to some colors. However, various independent research has proven the fact that dogs are not color blind. Dogs are able to see colors but not as clear as humans.

4. A dog’s life

A dog brings joys to our lives. They are the natural depression killer with their smiles and loyalty. Have you ever wondered that what is the average lifespan of a dog? The average lifespan of a dog is around 10-12 years. However, once there was an Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey who managed to live for an astonishing 29 years and 5 months.

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5.The smallest dog

Dogs have countless breeds. You can even adapt mix breed dogs these days. Their sizes also vary from breed to breed. You will find dogs who are tall as humans or who are smaller than a toaster. The smallest dog breed in the world is the Chihuahua. An average Chihuahua weighs around 2.7 Kgs. You can buy or adopt one if you are thinking to get a small dog.

6. A natural mood booster

A dog is the best example of selfless love. A dog’s friendly and loyal behavior has the power to lift anyone’s mood. Even psychologists suggest owning a dog as a pet to avoid sadness or anxiety issues.


7.The love between humans and dogs

The love between dogs and humans is so strong that we have spas and hotels specifically for dogs. Many people even consider their pet as their own family member. Long ago once Franklin Roosevelt was willing to spend about $15,000 to rescue his Scottie located on the Aleutian Islands.

8. Dogs could be deadly

Dogs are not always funny and cute. Sometimes they could be as deadly as a wild animal. There are few lethal breeds which are capable of killing humans. We took a data from 2002, it says that every year about 15 US citizens died because of a dog’s lethal bite.


9. Different breed, different ability

There are so many breeds when it comes to dogs. Each breed has its own unique capabilities. For example, if you want to have a fast dog then you might choose Greyhounds. If you want a dog for security purpose then you can choose a German Shepard.  For a good swimmer, you have got Newfoundland dog.

10.The population of dogs

There’s an abundance of the dog population in the world. However, USA ranks number one in terms of the dog population. The second place goes to France


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