Brain Booster Series Farm Picture Puzzle

MerrySpell Brain Booster Series

MerrySpell Puzzle

Improve your memory and have better Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning

The visual-spatial reasoning is very important to improve our reaction time. As better visual-spatial reasoning can help us in various day to day tasks like Driving a car and using a map. Furthermore, this skill can really boost your success chances in the professional fields, such as the architects, engineers, chemists, artists, and surgeons. By subscribing to a MerrySpell education plan you get the activities which focus on visual-spatial reasoning

Age group: 4 years to 10 years

Find out the missing pieces to complete various images. Improve your problem-solving skills. Visualize the complete picture and find out the easy solution to the puzzle. In the plus point, you also get to know about farming.

How to Play?

  • Select an image to start playing the game
  • You will see an enlarged image with some empty spots
  • You will need to find out the missing pieces from the right side
  • Once you have found the missing piece drag and drop it to space you want to fill
  • If the selected piece is the right piece then it will fit perfectly without any problem

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