Brain Booster Series Hidden Objects

MerrySpell Brain Booster Series

Hidden Objects

Improve your observational skills with memory and know everything around you

The human brain is the most complex organ of our body. It can successfully process a million instructions at a single moment. The faster the brain the more thinking and creativity skills it has. Our mind continuously analyses various things around us we give them different names to identify them. This trait of identification is crucial to improve our judgment skills. Merry Spell has strategically developed this game to improve concentration and observation skills of your child. By subscribing to the MerrySpell education program, you can get more interesting games and activities to improve the observational skills of your child.

Age group: 4 years to 13 years

Improve your Memory by playing the MerrySpell’s Brain Booster Hidden Objects game. This game helps the kids to improve their observational skills by finding the required objects from a bunch of other objects. Children also learn the names of other objects which they not familiar with.

How to Play?

  • Select your difficulty level to start playing

  • You can also select ‚Äúicons‚Äù options to play with icons

  • Once you select your difficulty a countdown timer will begin

  • You will see a bunch of stuff scattered around

  • The higher the difficulty level the higher the objects

  • You will be asked to find specific objects in specific quantities from the bunch

  • The time will end once the countdown timer stops. It will show your score.

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