Brain Booster Series Matching Game

MerrySpell Brain Booster Series

Matching Game

Learn the interrelation between various images, words, and sounds.

Throughout our life, we learn about many new things. However, learning the relation between one thing to another is crucial to understand their use, Every object is given a name to identify their names easily. Children learn to relate things at a very tender age. They can identify various things by assigning their own names to the objects. However, it is very important to let them know the real name, so they remember the name for their entire lifetime. MerrySpell has carefully developed a game which can help your child to develop his/her vocabulary and knowledge. By subscribing to a MerrySpell education plan your child can play more games and complete activities which helps in overall development.

Age group: 4 years to 12 years

Match the correct word with the correct image or sound. This game is the perfect way to know the identity of different objects. Play with the countdown timer and set new high scores.

How to Play?

  • You can play this game in this 3 different modes: Image and name, Word & opposite, Sound & word.
  • Image and name:¬†In this mode, you just need to match various objects to their name. Just click on the name and object to match.
  • Word & opposite:¬† In this mode, you will need to find out the opposite of a word. Once you find out the opposite click on both of the words to match them
  • Image & Sound:¬†In this mode, you will need to listen to the sound effect and match it with the appropriate word

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