Brain Booster Series Memory Enhancer Game

MerrySpell Brain Booster Series

Memory Enhancer Game

Recognize different patterns and enhance your memory. Remember for long.

Memory is the most important component of the human brain. Without a strong memory, you won’t be able to remember complex concepts for a long time. We, humans, have a maximum storage capacity of around 2.5 Terabyte. However, not all the memory is unlocked from the beginning. We have to unlock our full potential with some complex brain training activities. This training should be done is the childhood. As later it becomes rigid for the human mind to adapt to new exercises. Merry Spell strategically develops games which perfect to boost your child’s. By subscribing to the MerrySpell education plan you can provide your child with the best brain-boosting exercises they deserve.

Age Group: 4 years to 9 years

Memorize a sequence and repeat it from your memory. This helps the kids to enhance their memory in a fun-filled way with interactive sounds.

How to Play?

  • You can choose between two different games modes to play
  • The color mode and the living creatures mode
  • Once selected each mode will flash a sequence you need to memorize
  • After memorizing it will ask you to enter the sequence by clicking on the icons
  • Run with the countdown timer to make a high score

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