Brain Booster Series Odd One Out Puzzle

MerrySpell Brain Booster Series

Odd One Out

Improve your observational skills and detect things faster than ever before

Observational skills help humans to improve their judgment time. By reducing your judgment time you can take a major decision within seconds and never miss an opportunity. As opportunities are rare to find, once you have one you can let it go easily. By having better observational skills you can take the advantage of every opportunity. By subscribing to MerrySpell education program you will get fun learning games and activities which help your child to improve his/her concentration and observational skills.

Age group: 5 years to 13 years

Improve concentration, observational skills, and dexterity. Just find out odd one out. Children can improve their attention span and recognize more objects easily. Are you ready to run with the countdown timer?

How to Play?

  • To start playing the game just click on the¬†“GO” button
  • A bunch of objects will appear on the screen
  • If you will need to find out the odd object based on its appearance
  • The game will become harder once you pass each level

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