Learn About The Planets In Our Solar System

MerrySpell Exploration Series

Space Explorer

Explore the space and learn about celestial bodies in our solar system

Space is the most fascinating place for exploration. The 20th century remarked the greatest age in space exploration. Humans have taken the “one small step for man a giant leap for mankind”. Soon we are about to see space colonies inhabited by humans. Children must know the about the space age. By subscribing to a MerrySpell plan your child gets interactive activities and games to improve their knowledge about the space.

Age group: 6 years to 13 years

Improve your knowledge about space. Explore our solar system in the most 3D interactive to understand complex celestial bodies. Read their descriptions to know their properties.

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Detailed Textures

Other Celestial Bodies

Interesting Information

Planets of Our Solar System

How to Play?

  • Select a celestial body you want to explore. For example; Earth, Mars etc.
  • After selecting a celestial body you can explore it in an interactive way by using the mouse.
  • You can also select the orbital speed of a celestial body

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