Everything you need to know about Islands

Everything you need to know about Islands

You must have heard about island but do you know what it is? An island is any piece of land that is surrounded by water. It is smaller than the continent and may arise in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Island comes in various shapes and sizes. A group of island is known as archipelago. Very tiny Island is referred as islets, cays or keys. An island surrounded by river or lake is known as eyot or ait. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about island.

Interesting facts about island


1. Origin of island

The origin of the island dates back to million years ago. The word ‘’island’’ is used in old and middle English differently. It is derived from old English ‘’igland’’ and Middle English ‘’iland’’ respectively. The spelling of the word was later modified in the 15th Century.

2. Largest island

Greenland is the world’s largest island. It covers an area of around 2.1 million km. it is said that islands are smaller than a continent but there is no typical size to differentiate among them. Greenland is a continent island since it is a part of North America’s continent.

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3. Continental islands

There are various types of islands. One of them is Continental Island. Continental islands are bodies that lie on the territorial waters of the continent. Ireland, Taiwan and Great Britain are some examples of continental islands. Microcontinental is a special type of Continental Island which was created by lifting the continent

4. Oceanic islands

Oceanic islands do not lie on the territorial waters but are volcanic in nature. Some of the oceanic islands are also tectonic in origin. It is formed when the plate movements lift up the ocean floor above the surface. South Helena in South Atlantic Ocean is one such example of an oceanic island.


5. Tropical islands

Tropical Island is an island that exists in the tropic. The range of Tropical Island dates back to the Stone Age. It was found in the area of Borneo, and Madagascar. The region of Tropical Island covers an area of at least 5 hectares.

6. Artificial islands

All the island mentioned above are natural. However, there are artificial islands as well. They are not formed by tectonic forces or volcanic eruptions. Natural materials such as rock, earth or sand are used to create artificial islands.  Artificial islands are human-made. The island named ‘’Osaka Bay’’ is one such example of artificial islands. These do not have their own regional sea.


7. Populated island

Java is the most populated island in the world. It is found in Indonesia that has more than 150 inhabitants. This makes up to half of Indonesia’s total population.

8. Coral island

Coral island is an island that is created by using skeleton corals. It takes time to form reefs out of the skeleton corals. There is a possibility that coral islands may turn into atoll islands if the level of the waterfalls continuously. Coral island is a part of Tropical Island.


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