Interesting Things you Should Know about Rocks and Minerals

A  Rock is a solid substance that occurs naturally. They are used every day in our life. It is used for building houses, cars, etc. Rocks are found from place to place in abundant quantity. They are made of minerals. Minerals are crystalline structures formed by geological processes. You will find different minerals in different types of rocks. Rocks and minerals are combined together to make things around us.  MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about rocks and minerals.

Interesting facts about Rocks and Minerals


1. Origin of Rocks

Rocks were formed almost 4 billion years ago with the formation of the Earth. The earth has 3 layers: the crust, the mantle and the core. The earth’s crust is made up of rock. They have been built, rebuilt and are worn away by the natural agents present in the rock.

2. Classification of Rocks

Rocks are classified into Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks. 

  • Sedimentary rocks are formed by breaking down of rocks and soils into small pieces. It is found in lakes, oceans and deserts. The layers of the rocks are further crushed until materials start to form on top of them. Example- Limestone, Fossil Fuels, etc.
  • Igneous rocks are formed when molten rock cools and solidifies. It arises due to the volcanic eruption on the surface of the lava. Example- Granite, Pumice, etc.
  • Metamorphic rocks give details about the earth‚Äôs temperature and pressure within the crust.¬† Example- Marble, Slate, etc.

3. The Rock cycle

The rock cycle takes long to cycle and recycle the rocks from the earth’s surface. The structure of the rock is not uniform. It keeps on changing over time. It can take more than thousand years for rocks to weather away. The process of changing one kind of rock to another rock is known as the ‘Rock Cycle’.

4. Gemstones are rare minerals

Gemstones are rare in nature. They are pretty to see in the form of jewellery. Gemstones are used for making jewellery. Diamond is one of the famous gemstones which is also known as the hardest mineral in the world. We also use Gemstones in drills for cutting.


5. A mineral has definite crystalline

It is necessary to identify a mineral. Minerals are identified by its colour, lustre, hardness, crystal shape and magnetism. These properties are required to distinguish minerals from the rocks. Example- Gold, silver, etc.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance;
it is the illusion of knowledge."-Daniel J. Boorstin

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