The Structure of the Earth

The Structure of the Earth

The Onion like Structure

It took over 2000 years to discover the fact that our earth is round. However, the most believable evidence was given only when humans were able to travel in outer space. Humans have also discovered the fact our planet is made up of soil, rocks, water, and gasses. To support every kind of lifeforms on our planet you need air, this air is commonly known as atmosphere.

What is inside our earth?

Just like an Onion, our Earth has multiple layers beneath its surface. After the formation of our Earth, it took millions of years for the hot gasses and rocks to cool down. This cool down later resulted in multiple layers with various temperatures and properties.
First layer: The outermost layer of the Earth is known as the crust. It is the only habitable place where all the living organisms live. The Earth’s crust has a depth of about 40 Km. if we compare this depth to the diameter of Earth i.e. 12,700 Km. Then the Earth’s crust seems very thin. This layer is primarily made up of solid rocks. Over the layer lies every lifeform with water resources.
Second layer: The second layer hidden beneath Earth’s crust is known as Mantle. This layer has an approx. depth of 2900 Km. Due to extreme temperatures between this layer, you will only find solid and molten rocks.
Third layer: The most furious and the last layer of Earth is known as the core. This layer is purely made up of nickel, iron and various gasses. It is the hottest layer of the Earth as the temperature here may rise up to 5000 degree Celsius.

How was it discovered that the Earth is round?

Around 3000 years ago it was widely believed that the Earth was flat and it has its end in the corners. However, this theory of a flat earth was highly doubted when people saw that why the ships always disappear from the Horizon. To explore this theory in depth many sailors went overseas on their ships. Every one of them had the same experience, they didn’t fall off from the edge of our planet. The logical explanation of this phenomenon was quite simple: the Earth was round instead of flat. Finally, it was proven in 1522 by an expedition of Ferdinand Magellan. He became the first person to sail around the planet.

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