All you need to know about Volcanoes

All You Need to Know About Volcanoes

How are they formed?

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Volcanoes are a result of natural phenomenon, which occurs in the majority of regions around the world. The hot molten rocks and gasses inside Earth’s mantle pierce its way through the crust. This gives the formation to a volcano. There are various kinds of volcanoes on our planet. On one hand, some are explosive in nature. On the other hand, some are not explosive at all. Sometimes the eruption takes place unexpectedly. While sometimes eruption can be predicted.

Why do we have different kinds of volcanoes around the Earth?

Our Earth consists of different varieties of atmosphere and terrains. Each place is made up of different rocks and soil. Thus, the magma coming out of the Volcanoes have different properties. Usually, the magma is super hot at a temperature of 1000 degree Celsius. At this temperature, the magma is too thin and flows smoothly and quietly. However, the colder magma often erupts in viscous eruptions. It could also result in fatal explosions.

Why are volcanoes extremely dangerous?

A volcano becomes dangerous when it proposes a threat to human life. You won’t see any kind of reporting if a volcano erupts in a most uninhabited part of Kamchatka. However, even if a volcano starts showing any vicious sings of hot gasses in a highly populated area then many lives comes under a risk. Before the eruption, a volcano spreads harmful gasses around the nearby area. A volcanic eruption contains hot magma, dark ash, and dust. The magma after the explosion can travel up to 100 km/h, which makes it almost impossible to escape in a case of a sudden eruption. The effects of a volcanic eruption are not just limited to a certain area, it can have more disastrous consequences than you might imagine. In 1883 Indonesian volcano Krakatau erupted violently to the nearby area. However, the volcanic ash from the explosion reached up to a height of 80 km. As a result, this explosion darkened the sky worldwide for some time.

Where can you find a volcano?

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Volcanoes are usually found near the border of the plates. The place where the oceanic Earth’s crust hides under another plate. This gives an entry point to the magma and the molten rocks. You will find this case all around the Pacific Ocean. However, you can also locate a volcano near the areas of Italy, Turkey, and Iran to the Indonesian islands. It is a rare incident that you will find a volcano in the middle of a plate.

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