Why the Sky is Blue?

    Isn’t is beautiful to glance at the sky?  We see various patterns of clouds forming up in the sky. The stars also twinkle at night. Children are curious to know about the basic questions based on science. It is very important to satisfy the curiosity of the child. If done in a right way, Children will understand the reason behind the color of the sky. Hence, MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some facts about the color of the sky.

What makes the sky blue?


1. Knowledge of how light works

The sun gives off white light which is made from the combination of a variety of colours. The light from the sun seems white but it is actually prepared from all the colours present in the rainbow.  The rainbow consists of seven colours, namely, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Orange and Red. But when we look at the sky at dusk, there is a red colour forming in the sky.

2. Size of the wavelength

The size of the wavelength depends on the type of sunlight. The light from the sun travels in a straight line in the atmosphere. This is called speed of light.  The colors such as Red and Orange spreads less in the atmosphere as it has more amount of wavelength whereas the Blue and Violet colors spreads more in the atmosphere as it has less amount of wavelength. The light bumps into dust particles or drops of water while travelling in a straight line.


3. Atmosphere

The seven lights of the sun travel to the atmosphere in a straight line. The atmosphere in which we live in is made up of various gases, molecules and dust particles. We cannot see these particles with our naked eye. The fact is that the violet colour has the least amount of wavelength. Why isn’t the colour of the sky violet in this case? The lights coming from the sun is not stable at all wavelength. This is because the tiniest particle present in the atmosphere has the same wavelength as that of a blue light. Our eyes are more sensitive to violet light. Hence, the blue light is distributed in every direction. Our eyes are more sensitive to blue light. The blue colour reaches our eyes first. The colour of the sky is the result of the interaction of the light with the air.

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