How English became the most widely spoken language in the world?

How English Became the Most Widely Spoken Language in the World?

Today, perhaps English is the only language that is spoken in every part of the world. It has become the primary language for the communication between different countries. Undoubtedly, this language plays an important role in uniting the different cultures around the world. English holds both political and historical significance. The origins of English language dates back to 5th century A.D when Germanic tribes Angles, Saxton and the Jutes came to England. Thus, form the Angles came to the word “English”. However, their English was different than today’s English. We better know this period’s English as “Old English”. Some people also regard this time as the dark ages.

History Lesson about English Language


The Spread of English

The first of the English language started with the English people who travelled to different parts of the world. The English immigrant also made their way to various other countries like the USA and South Africa. The English language also adopted many words from the French after the Hundred Years of War was ended. The revival of English as a prominent language in Britain came with the rise of Shakespearean Theatre. People now very giving great importance to the language.

The British Empire

This is perhaps the most important reason behind the rise of English. Britain was becoming more powerful and advanced by late 1700s. This led them to start a colonial mission to conquer the world. After conquering the quarter of the world by the 18th century, the English language also gained its entry to the colonized lands. Trade was their primary behind the exploration. However, soon they captured the political system of the colonized countries and English became the language of the office. British brought huge reforms in the education system of its colonized lands which forcefully implanted the English as a language. The empire might have fallen after the Second World War but the English language still plays an important role in the day to day life. Today, more than 1.8 billion people in the world can speak English. In fact, it is the official or the main language across 75 countries in the world.

The USA and its Influence

The Second World War had crippling effects on Britain’s economy. The empire was falling apart and colonized countries were gaining their independence. Whereas, the USA greatly benefitted from the war by outsourcing weapons and army to the axis power. As the result, the end of World War II marked the rise of USA as the new superpower. The USA played the most important role in the world of communication throughout the 20th century. Hollywood was spreading around the world, pop culture was rising, and technological marvels like the computer were introduced.

Business and Trading

The end of the Second World War started a more globalized world. New global organizations started to take shape. They needed a common language to operate in different countries around the world. Thus, the new employees were also convinced to learn the English language. This made English a standardized language throughout the world.


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