Interesting Facts About the American Civil War

Wars are cruel and contains lot of bloodshed. A war takes place, sometimes for acquiring land, politician accession, policy, natural resource laundering etc. However, it becomes really gruesome when we have to fight our own countrymen. Such were the horrors of the American Civil war which took place from 12th Apr 1861 to 13th May 1865. It is said to be the goriest battle for the Americans. This gruesome battle was fought between Union states (Northern states) and the States of the Confederacy (Southern States). Today, MerrySpell team will enlighten your knowledge with 10 interesting facts about the American Civil War.

Interesting Facts About American Civil War


1.The union of black soldiers

Today we live in a society where every race is equal to the other. However, this wasn’t the case in the 19th century America. In those days the white soldiers were paid more than the black soldiers. Due to this indifference the black soldiers refused to accept their salaries for 18 months and created a union of black soldiers to protest against the government.

2. The deaths during the war

The American Civil war is said to be the bloodiest war in the American history. Over 620,000 people sacrificed their lives fighting for the cause on both sides of the border. However, it is reported that 2/3 of the people died from disease instead of real battle.


3.Slavery wasn’t the main cause

It is a common misconception that the American Civil War was only started to abolition of the cruel institute of slavery. There were more reasons as well, Abraham Lincoln Stated that the Civil War was started to restore the union. However, the issue of slavery gave an increase in efforts for the war.

4. The soldiers knew each other

You will be amazed to know the fact that the majority of the soldiers who fought against each other (North vs South) in the war might have known each other. Some of them could have been best friends as well. Just imagine how hard it would have been to fight against your own best friends.


5. Diseases and deaths

Being shot by a gun is horrible. But suffering from an infectious diseases is more fatal. Soldiers and citizens often faced fatal diseases like typhoid fever, smallpox, measles, diarrhoea, pneumonia, malaria, and tuberculosis. This is led to a massive number of death tolls in the US.

6. The man behind the northern gun

Robert E. Lee was the man in charge to command and defend the norther soldiers. He successfully defended his original state Virginia.


7.It crippled the economy

After the end of the Civil war, both sides faced a massive economic breakdown. The majority of the northern people were affected by the post war effects. The Southern states of America were still lucky as industrialisation helped them to grow their economy.

8.The soldiers in the war

As we discussed that race issues also led to this war. Most people who fought in the war were immigrants in the US. The majority of these immigrants came from the African countries.


9. The unfortunate widows

The majority of the women lost their husband in the war. These women had to mourn for 2.5 years without participating in any kind of social activity like outings or parties due to strict social norms. They couldn’t even wear colourful clothes all they had to wear was black suits.

10.The name of the war

Over the years this war has been called with various names like Rebellion war, the Brothers war, the War for the Union etc. However, it was the 90s when the term “American Civil War” was first coined to the public.


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