Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who was born in about 1460. The Portuguese king ordered him to find a sea route to the east.  Vasco da Gama joined the navy to learn about the skills of navigation. He was the first person to float from Europe to India directly.  His discovery of sea route marks the significance period in the history of navigation. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about Vasco da Gama’s discovery of sea route to India.

Interesting facts about Gama’s discovery of the sea route


1. Exploration before the Gama

Henry the navigator took plenty of different journeys in North and West Africa until he was successful in completing the trip. Portugal’s did not find it difficult to rise in colonial power due to these voyages. Hence, they proved to be a great maritime in the History of Navigation.

2. His First Voyage

Vasco da Gama started his first voyage on 8th July 1947. He directed 170 crew members in the fleet of four ships that travelled from Africa to India. The total distance travelled was greater than that of the equator. The ship comprised of numerous experienced people.

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3. Journey to the Cape of Good Hope

He started his first voyage from Lisbon on 8th July 1947. Vasco da Gama followed the path of past explorer to travel along the coast of South Africa. As soon as he reached the coast, he made a passage to the south by crossing the equator to pursue the Atlantic. This proved to be successful on 4th  November 1497. The ship finally arrived at the coast of Africa.

4. Mozambique

Mozambique is a country in Southeast Africa surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Gama pretended to be a Muslim since he thought that people of Africa would be harsh towards the Christians. He joined hands with the Sultan of Mozambique to build an important network of trade in the Indian Ocean.


5. Malindi

There constant fighting between the leaders of Mombasa and Malindi.  Portugal’s contacted the pilot to ask about the way to Calicut. The pilot used his knowledge to direct the path to Calicut. Calicut was situated on the southwest coast of India.

6. Mombasa

Arab merchant ships were looted during the journey. Ships were known for trading. It was unarmed trading vessels without heavy guns. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to Visit the harbour of Mombasa.


7. Return to Calicut

Vasco da Gama was ordered by King Manuel to sail back to India. The king wanted Gama to establish diplomatic and trade relations with the Indians. Gama along with his crew members reached the South African Bay in November. Portugal’s developed friendly relations with native people of Africa but after a few days, they both started using power on each other.

8. Return to Portugal

]Gama’s ship left Calicut in spite of the terrible monsoon. He stayed for three months in India. Due to the poor weather conditions, a lot of people died during the storms. It took Gama more than one year to reach Portugal from India.


9. Conclusion:

The main aim of Portuguese was to expand the trade network from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. He made plenty of friends and enemies during his journey. Therefore, Vasco da Gama is linked with the existing networks since he discovered the sea route to India.

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