Why Hitler lost the War?

Why Hitler Lost the War?

Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889, in the small town of Austria. He became very powerful during the 20th century. He was regarded as one of the greatest leaders of the Germany’s Nazi Party. The Second World War took place due to him in which a lot of people died. He conquered parts of Western Europe and the Soviet Union by leading Germany in a war. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with the reason behind the defeat of Hitler in the war.

Reasons behind the defeat of Hitler


1. War on two-fronts

Hitler had always thought of attacking Russia but he decided to conquer France and Britain first in order to protect his army. Germany was compelled to fight Britain and USA in Germany, Italy and France. Hitler repetitively separated his militaries between the borders. He was not able to focus on every front.

2. The Stalingrad Battle

The Battle of Stalingrad is often remembered as the costliest war in History era. The German 6th army could have bordered the city but they were commanded to fight for the city’s block that led to huge causalities. Soviet trapped the German 6th Army in enormous pincer movement. Soviet surrounded Stalingrad but Hitler did not permit friendly relations with Soviet. Hence, destruction was bound to happen.


3. Hitler did not pay heed to the commanders

Hitler considered himself as a great leader. He did not listen to his commanders. He won plenty of wars under his guidance and this is the reason why he regarded himself superior over others.  Hitler blamed his commanders later for not obeying his orders. In spite of certain doubts, Hitler was rigid to launch the Battle of Bulge in December 1944.

4. Hitler did not use the technology correctly

Hitler had advanced superior tanks and jet aeroplanes when it came to military technology. However, Germans were not satisfied with their advanced technology. They were in search for heavier tanks to lead the battle. Therefore, the German army focused on the latest good designs of tanks like Panther tank.

sturmtiger (1)
WW2-Photo-WWII-Tired-German-Soldier-Resting (1)

5. No step back policy

After Hitler was defeated by Moscow, he decided not to allow a single soldier to withdraw the battle. He took his policies to the next level by passing it down to other militants. The German 6th Army was denied to back out from the war. This led to complete destruction.

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