Why Napoleon lost Waterloo?

Why Napoleon lost Waterloo?

Have you heard about Napoleon?  He was a famous French military leader. He ruled the kingdom of French from 1804-1815. The battle was fought on 18th June 1815, on Sunday between the French army and the Prussian and British armies. The battle was fought near Waterloo, which was located at the Netherlands at that time. Everyone remembers Napoleon due to his defeat at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with the reason behind the defeat of Napoleon at the Waterloo battle.

Reasons why Napoleon lost Waterloo battle


1. The fight started late due to the wet ground

Napoleon wanted to attack the British before the arrival of the Prussians at the Waterloo battlefield. He could not do so because of the condition of the ground. The soldiers weren’t able to take charges due to the wet ground. Hence, the battle started late and they did not get enough time to fight with the British army.

2. Prussians arrived way too early at the battlefield

Napoleon was not ready for the battle. He never expected that Blucher, the commander of the Prussian army, would arrive at the battlefield on time. After the arrival of the Prussian army, Napoleon was shocked since he was not prepared for this situation. This was one of the main reason why Napoleon lost the battle at Waterloo.


3. The British and allied soldiers were known for unanticipated courage

The British and the allied soldiers showed bravery at the Waterloo battle. They managed to survive frequent attacks from the French due to their courage and bravery. Though the British army was inexperienced, they endured every attack, including the one with the finest soldiers of the French army.

4. Napoleon first attacked the British center

The French soldiers proved unsuccessful as they were not prepared for the attack.  They had to plan the attack soon after the arrival of Prussians. The French army was in a rush to conquer the British centre. Therefore, the group of first soldiers could not take on the charge immediately and this showed ineffectiveness towards the French army.


5. The British cavalry were superior than the French army

Due to the countless number of wars, the French armies could not obtain good horses. The British on the other hand had ordered various worthy horses from England to defeat the French army at the battle of Waterloo.

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