Battle Tank: Powerful Vehicle for the Battlefield

Battle Tank: Powerful Vehicle for the Battlefield

Do you wonder how armies fight on the frontline? A tank is a covered fighting vehicle known for its powerful engine. It has the capability to destroy things using weapons. Do you know who invented the tank? They provide protection to the armies with their heavy vehicle armours. Tanks were structured as such to defeat the opponent in the battle. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about the invention of the battle tank.

Interesting facts about battle tank


1. The origin of the first tank

It is said that the first tank was invented by Lancelot De Mole. He devised the tank to give an idea about the armored vehicle. The first model tank came into existence in Australia in 1912. He further submitted the model of his vehicle to the British War office. The British office, unfortunately, rejected his model in 1913.

2. First sample of the tank

The British forces moved the first tanks in the battleground on 15th September 1916. Little Willie was the first sample of the completed tank. It only moved two heaps per hour to find the vehicle stuck in gutters. There were many changes made to improve the sample of the vehicle.


3. Second sample of the tank

The second sample of the tank was known as Big Willie. Big Willie was a stronger form of Little Willie. It was produced for the use in the battlefield. Big Willie made its way at the First Battle of the Somme in France on 15th September in 1916.

4. Disadvantages of the Big Willie tank

The second sample of the tank was also called Mark-1. It could not prove its value on the battlefield. These kinds of tanks made a lot of noise and became too hot at the frontline. It suffered from mechanical breakdowns at the battlefield.

E1972.63_Mark IV male Excellent_Whale Island_1940_7865-A4

5. Mark IV Tank

Mark IV tank was produced in 1917. There had been various improvements taking place each year.  It was observed that armour, armament and logistics were developed to provide a more advanced set of the vehicles.  British tanks were used in abundant during the World War 1.

6. Mark VII Tank

Mark VII or Livery tank was the next type of tank produced in 1917. These tanks were designed after World War 1 to prepare all three armed forces with a single heavy tank. It was a joint venture between the UK and the US to design an advanced level of the vehicle.

E1949.339_A22F Churchill Mark VII_Tank Museum_2006_7047-109

7. Weight of the Mark VII tank

There were British tanks as well as US tanks. British tanks carried 12 people while US tanks carried 10. Despite the Mark VII tank, it was still not effective for the battle.

8. The Challenger tank

The challenger tank known as A30 was seen with the British forces. It marked the beginning of World War II. The Crowell tank proved to be an effective vehicle that first made its entry in the Battle of Normandy in 1944.


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