The Invention of Telescope

The Invention of the Telescope

A telescope is used to make distant objects appear nearer to the eye. Astronomers use this instrument to observe the objects that are far from us. It could be anything ranging from the orbit to the stars. Galileo is often considered as the inventor of the telescope but this is not true. Have you ever wondered who the inventor of the telescope is? MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about the invention of a telescope.

Interesting facts about the telescope


1. Hans Lippershey created the first telescope

It is believed that the first telescope was invented by Galileo. However, this is not true. Galileo designed his own impoverished version of telescope later. The first telescope was discovered by Hans Lippershey, a Dutch eyeglass maker. His telescope was bound to make objects three times larger.

2. Hans Lippershey’s idea about the design

His telescope comprised of concave eyepiece that was aligned with the objective lens. He made the design by observing two children at the shop. He saw two children using lenses to make weather vane appear larger. Therefore, some say that he received the idea by observing these two children.

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3. Entry of Galileo

Galileo designed his own telescope after hearing about Lippershey’s discovery in 1609. His improvised version of telescope had the power to make objects 20 times bigger. The first person to point the telescope towards the sky was Galileo. He used to observe peaks and holes on the moon with the help of a telescope. Galileo also discovered the rings for Saturn as well as four of the Jupiter’s moons.

4. Galileo received criticism from the Church

Galileo was praised for his observations but his conclusions were highly criticized. He was the first person to use telescope for astronomy. He discovered stars by observing the sky. He came across the Milky Way. However, his conclusions weren’t welcomed by the people of the church. Hence, he was punished by the church for his thoughts and ideas. Galileo still continued constructing more improvised form of the telescope.


5. Isaac Newton improved the design

Isaac Newton made some improvement while designing the telescope. He took the initiative after almost 60 years since Hans Lippershey made the first telescope. He was the first person to use a reflector instead of a concave lens.  There have been various improvements since the invention of the first telescope.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance;
it is the illusion of knowledge."-Daniel J. Boorstin

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