Wheel: The Crucial Leap to Mankind


The Crucial Leap to Mankind

Humans have invented so many useful things over hundreds of years. We have been able to conquer the oddities of nature with the help of his unique inventions. These inventions can be of any nature. From small tiny matchstick to giant satellites, humans have shown their capability in every form. However, the wheel is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It opened the path to many other inventions. Every modern machinery is relying on some kind of wheel to function properly.
The wheel was invented in 3500 B.C. ancient Greece. Before this useful invention man had to use Wheeless carts for transportation. But it was very hard and inefficient. As a result, people started to use round logs of wood under the cart for. This gave them better mobility. However, you still had to put the last log in the front once it went out of the cart. After further experimentation of hundreds of years, people finally developed the first crude wheel. This was the beginning of faster mobility, this new design successfully reduced friction. Hence, it took less manpower to power the cart with a wheel.
Even after centuries, the basic principle behind the wheel remains the same. Humans have further developed tires for a longer durability in vehicles. The wheel is not just limited to vehicles. You will find it everywhere taking from pottery, gears, turbines, motors, revolving doors etc.

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