Poetry, drama, essays.

Oh, how beautiful are your phrase?
I’m inspired like rising blaze.
Comedy, tragedy, you have many ways.

All you deserve is a big praise.

From the “forest of Arden”
to the ” Island of Venice”.
From the “lust of Egypt”
to the “battlefield of Scotland”.
Your field of view is vast.
And so is your cast.
From a “Venetian Moor”
to a “Strumpet’s fool”.
From a “Young infatuated poet”
to an “Avenger of a family”
Such variation can’t be seen
Even movies are there for the silver screen
I read “Julius Caesar” when I was just a teen.

Your legacy is quite clear
cause there’s no one near
You wrote differently without fear.
Your emotional works bring tear
But your comedies are there to cheer.
Macbeth, Othello, King Lear
Oh! almighty god, Shakespeare.  


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