The end of the world

The end of the world

 This a story from a day of school,

The day when environment went cruel.

We were in our classes,

Looking outside from window glasses.

A tree outside was under sun’s light,

We saw approaching demon in extreme height.

Its shadows were enough to give fright.

Everyone was scared no stood for a fight.

The demon ate earth with its shadow,

And it was just like a dark show,

We could hear the caw of crow.

Soon wind started to blow.

It seemed that all light was gone,

Just like before the dawn,

Teachers were careless and made yawn,

We were waiting for the light to spawn.

We were scared to utter to word from lips,

We thought it was the day of apocalypse,

And the world sink will under darkness like ships, 

But later that day we learnt about Solar Eclipse. 

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