Interesting Facts about China

China is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. It is filled with ancient values and traditions. They are still practiced today. From becoming a superpower to a technological hub. China is breaking the barriers and rising towards development. Today, MerrySpell team will enlighten you with some interesting facts about China.

Interesting facts about China


1. China is the most populated country

China has a population 4 times larger than the population of USA. The population of China is whopping 1.4 billion. India ranks the second in terms of population.

2. 4th largest country in the world

China is the 4th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada and United States. It has a total area of 9.597 million km².

3. China is one of the four ancient civilizations

China has a documented history of more than 3,000 years. The country comes among the most ancient civilizations with contemporaries like Mayan, Egyptians, and Babylonians.

4. China has a great diversified in Geography

The Chinese territory has a wide range of geography. Around 33% percent is mountainous, 26% high plateaus, 19% desert and basins, 12% plains and 10% hills. By having such variety China experiences various terrains. China also has the highest peak in the world: Mount Everest. Plus, China is the only country in the world that shares international borders with 14 countries.

5. China has a very strong economy

After new economic reforms in the 70s, China’s economy has been growing at a rapid rate. In 2016 its GDP touched 11.4 trillion USD which is remarkable. China has become an industrial hub as all the major companies are setting up their production facility in China.

6. There are 56 ethnic groups living in China

China has one of the most distinctive cultures in the world. There is a huge variety of people living in China with different ethnicity.

7. Diversity of Language

Although Mandarin remains the prominent language use in China. There are many different dialects to speak Chinese. However, there so many other languages spoken in China. Cantonese and Arabic are also widely spoken in China.

8. China has great cultural and traditional values

China has developed a deep culture from a rich history. Philosophy, poetry, calligraphy, tea culture, martial arts and literature. Plus, religious values are also strong in China. However, in the recent times, Atheism is taking over China.

9. China is a great tourist destination

China is the home to world’s longest wall, the Great Wall of China, the largest collection of 2,000 years old life-size statues, Terracotta army and a lot of other attractions. These naturally attract tons of tourists from every corner of the world.

10. Millions of Chinese still lives in caves

It quite ironic that despite being one of the most developed nations, millions of people are still living in the caves. Mainly in the Shaanxi province, people living in the caves are quite common. These caves date back to the Stone Age.

11. Kites were invented in Ancient China

It is believed that Kites were invented in the 5th century A.D by two philosophers.

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