Interesting Facts about USA

Does going to the USA puts a smile on your face? The USA is considered as the third largest country in terms of population and in size. It lies in North America and comprises of 50 states. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Washington is the capital city of USA. MerrySpell team will enlighten you today with some interesting facts about the USA.

Interesting facts about USA

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1. Lifestyle of people living in USA

The USA is a land of diverse indigenous groups. Its culture differs from place to place. Cities like New York and Washington might have a different set of culture. This country still makes its place in maintaining the national identity and cultural qualities of the realm. It is supposed that people of America promoted personal responsibility to shape the personality of the individuals.

2. Language of USA

It has been observed that people speak English in 38 states since the USA does not have any official language. English is the most used language in the United States of America. There are other languages as well that gained importance in the later period. Spanish became popular since immigrants from Mexico and Cuba landed in the USA.


3. Religion of USA

Christianity is the major religion of USA. Christianity consists of several groups such as Catholicism, Protestantism and Mormonism. Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, etc. are some of the other religions that are prevalent in the USA. Majority of the people living in the USA believe in God. Therefore, it is considered to one of the most religious countries in the world.

4. Geography of USA

Canada lies on the Northern border while Mexico on the southern border. USA is surrounded by tall highlands and massive plains in the west. Death Valley which falls at -86 meters is regarded as the lowest point in the country. The highest peak in the country is Mt Kinley. It lies at around 6,198 meters.


5. Economy of USA

The USA is a country which is known for preserving its mineral resources. It is regarded as a commercialized economy. There are varieties of crops grown in the USA. Some of them are corn, wheat, tobacco and sugar. The USA is one of the top producers of corn in the world. Therefore, farming is practised in the USA to the great extent.

6. History of USA

It is a known fact that natives lived in the vast area which was later known as the United States. It, therefore, became the established nation as people finally achieved independence on July 4, 1776.


7. Flag of USA

If you look at the American flag, you will notice 50 stars on a blue background. It also has 13 strips, out of which seven are red and six are white. The 50 stars at the top left represent the 50 states of the country. The 13 stripes in the flag stand for 11 colonies.

8. The Climate of USA

The climate of the United States depends on the differences in latitude. The climate becomes warmer as we travel south while it becomes drier on travelling west.


"One can't paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt."
- Georgia O'Keeffe

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