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Exploring Science

Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi

Our Science event is filled with mind-blowing hands on science experiments that encourages children to develop interest in the fields related to science. Our activities are simple yet interesting and designed specially to amaze the young ones. Our experts make these science events fun and interactive for the kids. We put emphasis on the fact […]

Innovation Camp for Kids

New Delhi, India

Our event will focus on encouraging children to brainstorm ideas and think of out-of-the-box solutions to problems given to them. This will be a group activities where students will be working in teams on the tasks assigned to them. At the end of the event, children will get inspired to take part in brain boosting activities and think creatively while learning new things.

Craft Your Imagination Into Reality

New Delhi, India

Art and Crafts is enjoyed by almost everyone in childhood. It‚Äôs not just limited to some wonderful creations but also helps children to sharpen other skills without them even realizing. While your kids are on their way on creating a beautiful mess, they are not just learning how to create something beautiful out of a […]


MerrySpell Innovation Camp

C.R Park, New Delhi New Delhi

Develop your child‚Äôs brain with creativity and innovation. MerrySpell Innovation Camp is the perfect place to nurture your child with talent and infuse creativity. Learn scientific concepts in a more practical way and give your child the chance to express his/her ideas. We at MerrySpell Innovation Camp shape dreams into reality. This camp aims to […]


MerrySpell Christmas Carnival

New Delhi, India

MerrySpell is proudly organizing Christmas Carnival on 25th December. This will be a fun-filled event with a lot of exciting shows and interesting activities for kids. Santa Claus will also be coming to embrace the kids with presents and surprises. For entertainment, we are organizing a magic show which will surely excite the kids. Parents […]


Innovation and Leadership Workshop

C.R Park, New Delhi New Delhi

Innovation is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Come attend the free workshop and explore the tools required for understanding the process of innovation. Idea generation Brain storming Mind Mapping Low Fidelity Prototype Leadership Patents Key Takeaways: Understand how to think Learn to work in team Learn about patents Learn to create a […]

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