Merryspell Genius Nation Awards

MerrySpell Genius Nation Awards

Healthy Competition For Progress

Merry Spell’s contests give them the chance to showcase what they have learned and inspire them to do better in life. On the other hand, it also boosts their confidence levels and eliminates their stage fear.

Kids Do Better When The Environment Is Competitive Enough

1. Creative Genius Award Category

Given to the most creative ideas which are innovative and out of the box. Children have to submit their ideas online. Children up to the age of 11 are allowed to participate.
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Interaction With Kids From The Other Parts Of The World Increase Their Competitiveness

2. Master Mind Award Category

Given to the children who show excellence in creating a low-fidelity prototype by applying their knowledge and think differently. Children up to the age of 15 are allowed to participate. Children will submit the idea and create the low-fidelity prototype during the event.

Competition is the first step to self improvement

3. Born Leader Award Category

Children are asked to fill an online form, depending on which they will be selected for group activity during the event. Children who show the natural leadership ability will be awarded. Different for different age groups.

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