Get A Chance To Star In A Movie

The young minds are often attracted towards the stardom of the movie industry. Even the youngest of them have some potential to become the next superstar. However, our traditional educational system fails to provide them a platform to perform. They only get the real chance to explore their talent in college curriculums. Until then their talents already dies with the drift of time.

Role Play In A Real Movie

Real Role

The MerrySpell program provides the perfect podium for your child to showcase his skills in movie making at a tender age. In our program your child will get the exposure to practice various departments of movie making. Just like role playing we will assign roles like director, actor, editor, producer etc. to help him discover his real interest. The kids get to learn the different aspects of photography and movie making with real life approaches. However, they are not just limited to learning and making movies.

First Step To The Stardom

MerrySpell will organize various photography and movie making contests. Out of which your kid will get the chance to feature in an international movie directed by multiple international award winning director Mayur Ramgir who has produced and directed various Hollywood productions. Aspiring young actors, directors, editors will also get the chance to participate in Kids short movies which will be sent to various international film festivals. This will open up a door to various opportunities and stardom with their own IMDB page. MerrySpell can become the first stepping stone to open a successful career in film making.

Music And Dance Activities

MerrySpell program will provide the perfect stage for the kids to discover their true artist. It’s quite common that kids fail to present their singing/dancing talent in front of the world due to stage fear. We at MerrySpell will assign various musical and dance activities to the kids to eliminate their stage fear. The program will teach about various forms of dance and music to give the gateway to new possibilities. The best singing talents can get the opportunity to sing with a recognized artist. While they will also get the chance to feature in our official magazine.

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