Group Activities: An Effective Way of Promoting Team Work

“A work done best when it is done with the spirit of teamwork”. Promoting the spirit of team work through group activities is very important for kids to realize the value of collaboration in their later life. The one who works alone has to put more efforts and faces more problems to complete a task successfully. For this reason, the majority of the preschools are focusing on the teaching methods which requires the involvement of a group.

Why group activities are important?

  • Increases the pace of their growth: Imitation is the perfect way to learn something new. Since kids are still developing their cognitive and social skill, they learn faster when they imitate other members from their group. The group setup helps the kids to learn more things in a shorter duration.
  • Increases the cooperation level: A group activity encourages the kids to pool all the resources at one single place. For example; in an artistic project one child might be good in origami while the other might be good in colouring, together they can create better projects. Kids learns the importance of working together to achieve a common goal for the group.
  • Improves communication skills: Every group activities requires collaboration, and for collaboration kids need to interact with each other. This helps them to improve their communication skills and build a strong vocabulary. Those kids who interacted with each other also built better friendship bond.
  • Develops leadership qualities: In a team someone has to take the leadership to handle things. Group activities often requires an orchestrator who can instruct other team members. Thus, this gives children the chance to lead in their group with the necessary skills. At a very tender age kids can get the taste of what leadership feels like.
  • It generates interest in a subject/topic: We only do stuff when we see other people doing it. Similarly, kids also pays their attention for an activity when they see some other kid doing it. In a group activity the kids are automatically inspired as they see other participating as well. This ensures their maximum participation in an activity.
  • Support is always there: No kid is alone when they are participating in a group activity. Even if a kid is unable to complete an activity. A helping hand in the form a friend is always available right next to them. By this no kid gets left behind in the learning process.

Merry Spell is a personalized education program which promotes the spirit of group activities. MerrySpell organizes group activities for kids in regular intervals. MerrySpell focuses not only on academic growth but overall development of a child by having an expert team of child experts, nutritionists and educationalists. They also provides interactive activity boxes to the kids.

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