How to get your child more active?

Physical activities are very important for children. They effectively improve their physical strength, well-being and disciplinary habits. Engaging your kids more in more outdoor activities helps your children to stay healthy in the long run. The parents often give a huge importance to outdoor activities. Yet, many parents today complain that their kid is not active and doesn’t play any sport. Today, MerrySpell will help you know how to get your child more active.

There’s a famous saying that “a strong body makes the mind strong”. This saying is very true as the children who played sports, not only develop strong bodies, they also developed a progressive mind. We must know that a child mainly interacts to the world with physical touch and play. Their observational, hand-eye coordination and motor skills help them to perform better brain function. Sports helps the child to learn natural principles like teamwork, friendship and fun in a more natural way than anything else.

How to grow the interest in sports?

You are his/her best example

Remember, the kids always grow according to their environment. And in that environment, you can become the biggest motivational factor for your child. If your child sees you getting lazy for the whole day and you will be setting a very bad example for him/her. Start proving the value of sports by actively participating in them by yourself. You can join the local gym, do some healthy yoga, and start playing light sports like badminton or table tennis. To make your efforts look bigger than start playing more active sports like football, hockey, tennis, basketball in front of your child.

When you play, play it with your child

There’s nothing better than playing the sport with your child. It is the best family time you can have with your child. Take your child to some big park where you can spend hours with them. Cycling, skateboarding, roller skating can become very fun activities for kids. You can play soccer, basketball and cricket to let adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Invent your own sports

Most of the sports have their own sets of rules which might decrease the interest of your child. Try to come up with more innovative ideas to play sports in a completely new manner. For example, You can play blindfolded piñata after spinning your head a couple of times. The main is to have fun without making the sports way too competitive. In this manner, the kids will be more interested in exploring new concepts.

Let your kid invite his friends to play

Kids love to play with the kids of their same age group. By letting your kid invite his/her friends you will ensure more participation in outdoor sports. Plus, your child will also make new friends and improve his/her socialization. Invite your child’s friends in the weekdays for some quality outdoor sports.

Watch sports together

Watching sports is the first step to grow interested in a specific sport. We only try a new sport when we first observe and see the fun factor in it. For this reason, watching a sport together with your child is the best idea to motivate him/her for outdoor sports. You can do this by visiting a soccer game, cricket game or even a basketball game with your child. In fact, you can watch some sports on television.

Don’t force them just encourage

One thing that the parents always get wrong is that forcing their child to do things. We need to learn that things become more irritating when we are forced to do them. Thus, forcing your child to play a particular sport will only grow hatred towards the sport. Let them explore on their own. Just make sure that you give them more options in outdoor sports.

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