How to limit screen time in kids?

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in electronic devices. Now entertainment is not just limited to the television. These days kids have a lot of options to explore, they could be playing video games on a console, browsing the internet, watching YouTube etc. Gone are the days of board games like Monopoly or Scotland Yard. Even interesting outdoor games have been eliminated by the digital age. As a result, kids are risking obesity, high blood pressure and other health problem due to their unhealthy lifestyle.

Methods to limit screen time in kids:

Make their bedroom screen free

Sleep time is only meant for sleep. You should try to keep away devices like television/gaming console from the bedroom. However, this could be a difficult case with handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. Make a strict rule to keep screen away from the bedroom. Still, if they still need some entertainment. Then you can narrate them a bedtime story or let them read some quality children literature.

Provide them entertaining and productive alternatives

Traditional board games aren’t going to work anymore. You need more entertaining activities which can keep them away from the digital screen. Activities like dancing, puppet show, DIY activities, experiments, outdoor sports and playing with interesting toys can work as good alternatives for kids.

Become their role models

Be the change that you want to see in the world. Remember you can’t just come back home and watch TV for hours. You have to stay away from the phone as kids learn from observation. It will be must harder to enforce your rules when you are not following them in the first place.

Books are our best friends

When there was no internet, no televisions. In fact, no electricity, people used to amuse themselves with novels. Reading novels is the best way to improve our knowledge, vocabulary, creative thinking, and patience. There is countless children’s literature which could keep them engaged for a long time.

Make your kids earn the screen

Okay, it’s almost impossible to keep your kids away from the screen. But if you make them earn the screen then you can develop a healthy habit. Let your child earn the screen by completing their homework, chores, music, sports practice or by playing outside. Completing each task can earn them an hour of screen time. By this method, they will work harder on other things as well.

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