How to Raise an Introverted Child?

You might think that being shy and being is almost the same thing. Both of them may like two pages of the same book. However, in reality, they are completely different books. You might have noticed that your child likes to spend time alone in some individual activities instead of socializing with others. The shy kid can be taught to socialize with others by making them more outgoing. But the solution is not the same as an introvert child. An introvert child requires more care than a normal child does.

 What are the ways to raise an introvert child?

Understanding their introversion

The first and foremost thing you should understand what it means to be an introvert. This will help you understand the nature of your child. This can be done by observing them not by talking as won’t share much with you. You need to understand their social behavior, interaction, their emotion and most importantly their verbal expressions. By knowing these things you will get to know what it’s like to be an introvert.

Give respect to your child preferences

You need to understand their preferences. Your child might have only one or few friends in his/her circle. But that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t socialize with people. It is an indication that he/she wants to keep their circle small. Let him/her spend more time with his/her preferred people. Forcing your child to go out and interact more with people will only drain their energy and make them more irritable.

Know their interests to talk

You cannot simply begin a conversation with your child with “Hi”, “Hello” or “How are you”. These won’t work as you are going to get a very formal reply from your child. Try to know your child’s interest to have a chat with them. For example, your child might like Sci-fi movies to watch. Know a big about Sci-fi movie to start a discussion with your child. He/she will feel more comfortable and interested when start talking about their interests. Anything boring or out of the context won’t let them interact. You can also spend time by eating their favorite snack or by playing their favorite games.

Accepting and supporting your child

No matter how he/she is. In the end, he/she is your child and that matters the most. You cannot lose them at any cost. For this reason, you have to accept your child. You cannot continuously force them to go out and socialize with others. This will only make them believe that they have some flaw in them. Ultimately, this can lead them to think that you do not love them because of their flaw.

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