Incubator For Young Entrepreneurs

Infuse Leadership As Early As Possible

The problem with traditional education system is that they often encourage the kids to peruse only the traditional careers. There’s a very little exposure about starting a new business. Entrepreneurship helps an individual to become more responsible, increases self-confidence, develops leadership qualities etc.

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."-Jim Valvano

World of Entrepreneurship

Merry Spell program aims to incubate the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Kids will be taught the significance of entrepreneurship by completing assignments like make a stall, set up a brand, design e-commerce model etc. This will provide them the perfect idea that how to start their own brand.

Give Them The Chance They Deserve

The ideas won’t be limited to study curriculum. The brightest ideas will get the chance to showcase in our official Merry Spell magazine. They will also get the chance to meet and work with the innovators in the ZLab program.

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