Why Do We Need Innovation?

  • Innovation generates the curiosity for knowledge

  • The innovation kits are packed with fun DIY projects and tools

  • Learning through practical experiments improves skills

  • With innovation the world could be a better place

Innovation is What We Do!


1. Good Marks equals good Knowledge?

Marks can only get us degrees and certificates but good knowledge requires to apply it because knowledge can only become power when we apply it.

2. Are we appreciating the genius in our Children?

Every child is a genius and we are demotivating that genius by asking him/her to rigourlsy follow the curriculum rather than apply the knowledge.


3. Can School education provide all the knowledge?

In a world changing with the speed of Internet, school often fails to provide all the knowledge and children are left with no place to apply their knowledge other than exams.

4. How can my child apply his/her knowledge to create something?

Teach them the process and principles of innovation and design thinking where they can come up with ideas and create prototypes and feel motivated to further acquire more knowledge.

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5. How can a parent or teacher motivate the children to acquire knowledge?

Children are curious and by creating something out of their ideas they get motivated to acquire more knowledge for better ideas.

6. How can parents engage children in thinking process?

By teaching them innovation skills, children understands their thinking potential and starts innovating by utilizing their thoughts.


‚ùùLearning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great‚ùû -APJ Abdul Kalam

What Do We Do in Our Workshops?

Our workshops are focused to teach fun-filled practical methods

Group discussions to bring out the brightest ideas

Hands-on training with tools and equipment

Prototyping ideas into realities

Computers & Fundamentals of Robotics

Brain Storming & Problem Solving

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