International Contests and Awards

Healthy Competition For Progress

Merry Spell’s contests give them the chance to showcase what they have learned and inspire them to do better in life. On the other hand, it also boosts their confidence levels and eliminates their stage fear.

Kids Do Better When The Environment Is Competitive Enough

A competitive environment is the best way to ensure healthy growth of your child. Award ceremonies give them the recognition of hard work in their respective field. This recognition keeps them motivated to keep up their good work.

Interaction With Kids From The Other Parts Of The World Increase Their Competitiveness

International Competition

Merry Spell will organize various international awards for its participants. The awards will be given in various fields like art and craft, movie making, science, music and drama etc. We will appoint expert panels to assess various fields. Public will also get the chance for the assessments of the nomination. Winners will be declared out of combined assessments of public and judges. This gives them the perfect chance to stand out in front of the crowd with their hard work.

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