Saman Zaman

Miss Saman Zaman is a certified nutritionist who has her masters (M.Sc) in Food Science and Nutrition from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. In her 4+ years of experience, she has covered various areas of nutrition like Diabetes & related chronic disorders, public health (research), kids counseling on health, nutrition, hygiene, etc. Currently, she is working with Philips Respironics as a Health Coach and exploring another field Neurology (branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system).

During the course of her experience, she observed that though people have become conscious about their diet many of them still lack the awareness about their nutrition and health. There are so many facts and fads that are yet to be conveyed to them. This ignorance is even present in the middle and high income sections of the society and not just the lower socio-economic group.

She believes that Nutrition Counseling is not just handing over a diet plan, it is a process of explaining the benefits of each and every food incorporated in the plan and explaining the side effects of foods that must be avoided until the person is satisfied. According to her, the most important point while counseling is understanding a person’s behavior to make him/her understand the importance of following a healthy diet and lifestyle. She believes that a successful counseling is the one where a person feels satisfied, motivated and happy after the counseling.

She has attended various health camps and events where she counseled underprivileged children. She also counsels children as well adults through web portals (HappyDNA and Doctor24X7). She has worked with organizations like UNICEF and Center for Health Development and Research (CHRD) where she worked for low socio economic groups and guided them about health and nutrition.

She loves working with kids and counseling them about healthy diet. She makes them understand in their own way so that at least they become aware about healthy eating habits. She also convinces and educates the parents as it’s their ignorance which is eventually inculcated in children. She is very passionate in working towards the health of kids so that our future generation can be healthy.

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