MerrySpell Smart Preschool System

MerrySpell Smart Preschool System

Power-up your Preschool with MerrySpell Smart Preschool System

Have you ever thought of a teaching process where everyone is connected to each other without any boundaries? A place where the teacher could track the progress of the individual child, where the child could explore things from his interest and parents could remain in touch with the teachers.

The MerrySpell Smart Preschool System is the place where every child is given individual attention by weekly assessments. This ensures the maximum participation in the learning while giving better opportunities for both fast and slow learners.

MerrySpell Powered Plan

Get the AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled MerrySpell Smart Preschool Software and manage end-to-end relation between teachers, students and parents from any part of the world. A perfect way to keep track of the child’s progress. MerrySpell Smart Preschool Software helps you to track each and every progress of the child and drives the program to get the maximum developmental benefits for the child.

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MerrySpell Empowered Plan

Get Empowered Plan benefits plus support from the MerrySpell trained experts to set activities to fine tune the personalized development. These activities are the add-on to your existing curriculum. This plan is suitable for the preschools which do not want to upgrade their curriculum to MerrySpell. Save time by selecting well-researched activities from the preschool software for your own curriculum. MerrySpell provides modern and proven activities.

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MerrySpell Smart Plan

Get everything from the Empowered Plan plus the MerrySpell standardize curriculum, assessment from child psychologists and nutritionists, personalized development kits for kids, on-demand teachers, new teaching methods, regular group activities & events, superheroes & mad scientists for entertainment, marketing support and many more. This plan gives you the MerrySpell franchise to run your preschool hasslefree.

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Features of the MerrySpell Certified Preschool System:

  • Parent-teacher portal to track the progress of the child

  • Track coursework, marks, and discipline of the child

  • Teachers and parents can communicate with each other

  • Individual assessment by child experts

  • Personalized curriculum for every child

  • Role-based story plays teaching methods

How MerrySpell Smart Preschool System Works?


Step 1 >>

Parent Self-Assessment

Parents will be given an online assessment form to rate their child on various key development elements. They will need to list the strengths and weakness of the child to provide better self-assessment. This will help the child experts to understand the capabilities of the child in advance to prepare a more flexible and personalized curriculum.

Step 2 >>

Child Expert's Assessment

A psychologist will assess the child on various key development elements. He/she will also evaluate the interests, strengths, weaknesses, dislikes etc. This helps the educationist to prepare the curriculum which matches with the interest of the child. This ensures a faster learning pace and better participation. Parents can also discuss with psychologist.

Step 3 >>

Nutritionist Assessment

The nutritionist recommends a healthy diet plan according to the physique of the child. This helps the child for a healthy brain development and body. This diet plan is focuses on the dietary habits of the child to provide best nutrients through the perfect diet. The nutritionist always recommend nutrition rich food instead of calorie rich products.

Step 4 >>

Preparing the Curriculum

MerrySpell has two types of curriculum; one is for the entire class and another for each individual child. The class curriculum is developed and send to the school by MerrySpell. The individual curriculum is developed by the teacher with the help of software’s intelligent AI. MerrySpell can also extend educational experts help if needed by the teacher.

Step 5 >>

Unique Themed Environment

Each week will be given a special theme by MerrySpell which will introduce a new topic. This creates an immersive experience for the child to explore various subjects. The backdrops, props and decoration adapts according to the topics children are studying. Children enjoy when they learn in the most animated form. For example: a jungle theme,

Step 6

Better Time Management

The first hour will focus on the theme and last hour will focus on each individual child for their personalized development. This system properly divides the time for individual development. First the children can learn a same topic together. Then, they can explore the topic on their own pace. By this no one gets left behind in the learning process.

Add-on Services


The experience is upgradable to bring more features to the classroom. This makes the learning process more interactive and interesting.

  • Weekly Themes: MerrySpell can change the decoration of the class to follow the week‚Äôs theme

  • Certified on-demand Teachers: Pre-schools can get certified on-demand teachers on a full-time or part-time basis

  • Entertainers: To add fun pre-schools can also get superheroes and mad scientists

  • Activity Boxes: Parents can also apply for activity boxes to get hands-on experience for their child

  • Advanced Security Cameras: MerrySpell provides tightly integrated surveillance system which helps the parents to keep an eye on their kid remotely with the MerrySpell Preschool software.

Your Questions Our Answers (FAQ)


What do we get when we subscribe to MerrySpell pre-school system?

You will get access to our end-to-end teaching software which can be used by the teachers and parents. You have to choose from three different plans. If you choose the powered and empowered plan, every child will get psychologists and nutritionists to have a complete assessment. Plus, there will be a teacher training program which will teach your teachers according to the MerrySpell standards.

What is the advantage of the MerrySpell preschool software?

The MerrySpell preschool software helps both teachers and parents to track the learning process remotely. The Artificial intelligence will help the teachers to design a personalized curriculum for each kid. Based on the assessment, the teacher can also predict the outcome of each activity/curriculum on the child from a plethora of  MerrySpell researched activities. While the parents get the complete statistics about the progress of their child through graphs and figures from the software.

Why should we choose MerrySpell for our Preschool?

MerrySpell is an award-winning child development company. We believe in a personalized curriculum for each child. MerrySpell promotes modern and proven teaching methods which increase the learning pace and ensures maximum participation of the child. Our software is smart enough to provide a detailed analysis of a child’s progress with graphs and statistics. You also get an end-to-end parent & teacher portal where they can communicate with each other to track the real-time progress of the child.

Does MerrySpell curriculum work for an entire year?

Yes, but it is a dynamic curriculum which adapts according to the child’s need. Our curriculum works on a weekly assessment where the child expert assesses the child to provide the best-tailored curriculum for them. Thus, the child only explores things out of his/her interest which boosts the learning process. The regular weekly assessment ensures that the child is studying the right thing.

What are the benefits to the teacher?

The MerrySpell preschool software helps the teachers to take ideas for the personalized curriculum through saved assessment reports. This helps the teachers to save a lot of time as they can use the well-researched activities already listed on the software. The software also enables the teachers to keep in touch with the parents and inform them about the child’s progress.

What are the benefits to the parents?

MerrySpell gives parents the flexibility to track the real-time progress of their child through graphs and figures. Parents always have the concern about the development and safety of the child. MerrySpell gives parents the insight into the classroom. Plus, they can also communicate with the teachers to have daily reports.

What support will we be getting from MerrySpell?

MerrySpell will be providing you with technical support for the software and marketing help by featuring your brand on our various media channels like newspapers, magazine, social media etc.

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