Summer Camp: An Effective and Interactive Way to Spend Time

Okay, the children just got summer holidays from their schools. What now? Should they start jumping around the sofa like a small, cute lunatic or will they spend the entire holidays playing games on their favorite console? “Why waste time when you can learn in a fun filled manner?” A summer camp is all about fun and creativity. It could be an unforgettable experience in a child’s life through its interactive activities. A proper summer camp provides expert mentors who teach the kids through experiential learning. This form of learning is very beneficial to have better self-respect and appreciate our lives.

Benefits of Summer Camp:

  • Physical activeness: Usually when students get a long holiday, they just lay down and spend hours indoors. A summer camp is the best way to keep them active with lots of activities.
  • Boost in confidence level: A summer camp requires a lot of interaction with other peers and mentors. This naturally helps the kids to boost their confidence levels and eliminates any communication gaps.
  • Cut the technology: Technology is good but not all time you will expect your child to be sticking to a screen. A summer camp focuses on real activities, unlike virtual activities. In a summer camp kids have to complete real activities by using creativity, thinking and motor skills together to create productive results.
  • A chance to discover talent useful for later life: A summer camp provides the tools and facility for the kids to discover their talents. Since it is not a school, the kids are not scared to take risks and explore whatever they want. They are not scared of bad grades.
  • Learn new skills: Summer is not just about fun. Kids also get the chance to acquire new skills and knowledge through various interactive activities.
  • Develops leadership qualities: A summer camp includes various group activities. These activities often require teamwork and a leader to lead the activity. By the developing the traits of leadership they also be come self-sufficient in their lives.

Merry Spell summer camp is the perfect place to spend your valuable summer holidays. MerrySpell is offering a wide range of activities to the kids. This gives the kids a single place to discover their talents in a fun-filled way. MerrySpell summer camp consists of Music & Dance, Artistic activities, Photography & Movie making, Public speaking, Science experiments, Space science, Brain boosting activities, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, General knowledge, Social work, Engineering & Robotics. It is the biggest summer camp in Delhi with so many activities.

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