Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019

Award Winning Biggest Summer Camp In Delhi


From 3 years To 12 years

For kids 13 years and older check Kidpreneurs Camp

MerrySpell Innovation Summer Camp helps children discover, imagine, and create. This camp focuses on many elements which help on improving cognitive, interpersonal, decision making, social, critical thinking, problem solving and many more skills.

*GK2 *Vikaspuri *Vaishali *Gurugram *Faridabad *Dwarka *Rohini *Greater Noida *Rohtak
(Dwarka: Adarsh World School)

Camp Highlights

  • Personality Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Leadership Development

  • Innovation

  • Design Thinking

  • Brain Boosting Games

Delhi City Icon Award 2018 : Excellence In Kids Camp

Camp Schedule

Week 1 Inventor Paradise: Design Thinking & Prototyping ₹1500 without Kit
₹2200 with Kit
Week 2 Flight School: Airplanes, Drones, & Flying Objects ₹1500 without Kit
₹2200 with Kit
Week 3 Builder’s Paradise: Architects & Design ₹1500 without Kit
₹2200 with Kit
Week 4 World Explorer Passport: Cultures of the World ₹1500 without Kit
₹2500 with Kit

7 Benefits of MerrySpell Summer Camp

  1. Nurtures social skills
  2. Improves cognitive skills
  3. Models healthy living
  4. Encourages personal growth
  5. Enhances self-confidence
  6. Helps kids unplug and build friendships
  7. Fosters teamwork

Camp Activities

Engineering and Robotics

Robots are the future of automation. Our young innovative engineers will give various live demos of robotics. Kids will be taught about various forms of robots used in industries and military. Moreover, kids will get hands-on experience to control a robot.


Science Activities

Our scientific geniuses will teach the kids about the wonders of science. Kids will be taught concepts like velocity, chemical reactions, gravity, speed, laws of motion, light, sound, electricity and many more with practical experiments which ignites curiosity among them. Natural phenomenon like rain, clouds, rainbows, lightning, earthquake etc. will be taught by using interactive videos.


Brain-Boosting Activities

Our brain is the most complex organ of our body. Sharpening it should be our motto. For this, our sharpest teachers will provide the kids with various puzzles, riddles, quizzes, mazes, memory games and many more. This will help the kids to develop better thinking and decision-making process.


Public Speaking

Our smart and active teachers will help the kids to eliminate their stage fear and shyness in front of people. Kids will get the chance to speak on the stage about a random topic in front of the crowd. There will be debates and seminar which will further improve their communication skills.


Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Our motivational speakers will help the kids to develop leadership qualities. Kids will receive motivational speeches about the importance of entrepreneurship and leadership in life. These qualities help the kids to become self-sufficient in their adult life. We will give them an on the spot topic to speak on the stage which will test their skills.


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