The Teaching Paradigm

The Teaching Paradigm


Artistic activities are suitable for learners of all ages. Keep your children engaged with our wide range of decorative art and craft, DIY, painting, sketching, drawing, and much more. Art is a perfect way to express and reflect the creativity and innovation of a person. Children absorb new skills really fast, these artistic activities boost the creativity level in children and helps them to understand the world around them.

Benefits of Artistic Activity

• The ability to create something new through artistic activities enables children to innovate new things in other fields as well.
• Artistic activities improve neural connections. In an artistic activity a child has to do various things like squish fingers in paint, mix colours, trim paper, draw illustrations etc. A child’s mind has to synthesize tons of information in order to execute various tasks.
• A child also develops fine motor skills while participating in various artistic activities. Artistic activities often require high levels of coordination and dexterity. These practical skills later become very useful in shaping their careers.
• Artistic activities give problem solving abilities to a child. We know that shaping ideas into a physical form is a difficult task. However, overtime a child tends to develop the ability to solve problems and throw new combinations of ideas into reality.

How Do We Do It?

• Our activities will include practical artistic activities.
• We will promote skills like calligraphy, collage, crafting, handicraft, pottery, doodling, sewing, knitting etc
• Kids will be taught how to create useful things out of waste materials
The surprise monthly package/box will contain various DIY kits for the kids

We help children to develop interest for photography and movie making at an early age. We also conduct varies competitions to encourage and appreciate the young talent. It’s a great outlet for kids and we ensure kids have fun while learning the art of movie making and photography.

Benefits of Photography and Movie Making Activities

  • Photography and movie making skills enables a child to unlock new possibilities of creativity. He can experiment with new methods of photography to provide cinematic vision to his ideas. It opens a new dimension in the mind of a child. He/She starts to see the world with newer perspective. Photography enables to see things with new angle, depth and perspective that gives more scope to creativity
  • Photography and movie making are not just limited to a classroom. They require more effort and space. Together they help the students to learn what is outside their classroom
  • Photography and movie making provides kids better exposure to culture and nature
  • Students get the chance to travel through various places which teaches them the importance of cultures of various places
  • Photography and movie making requires adjustments and settings. This gradually helps the kids to learn more practical skills
  • Digital photography requires some level of technical literacy. The kids also get to learn about various editing tools while learning photography and movie making

How Do We Do It?

  • We will hold various photography contests and workshops for the kids to learn
  • Kids will also get the chance learn how to edit videos and images
  • Kids will work on projects and assignments
  • To make movie making interactive, kids will be assigned various roles (Director, cinematographer, choreographer, editor, cameraman etc.). This will help them to learn various departments of movie making
  • For fun learning our personalized box will contain personalized merchandise for movie making (ex: Director‚Äôs chair, hat, clapperboard etc)
  • Our program will introduce various departments of photography to the kids (Wildlife, fashion, food, sport, landscape photography etc)

Science Experiments can really blow your kid’s mind! Little experiments can help ignite curiosity in your child and make him even more inquisitive after the experiment. There absolutely no limit to science and kids love it. These experiments offer various developmental outcomes and other exciting experiences for the young ones.

Benefits of Science Experiments Activity

  • Kids learn the best when they have to practice the theory. This makes them observe, ask questions, smell, touch and experiment. By experimentation they get the chance to discover their own discoveries. They are more likely to remember their learning experience with scientific experiments
  • Kids have to use all their senses (see, feel, taste, hear, smell) to conduct various experiments. This increases their involvement in a particular topic
  • Scientific experiments help the kids to use basic instruments like magnifying glasses, magnets, ramps, weights, scales and other scientific instruments
  • Scientific experiments help the kids to develop better observational skills. Kids can notice and identify changes easily with better observation.
  • By having better observational skills, the kids can also predict the results of an experiment.
  • Kids learn to ask question based on their observations. This develops a curious mind which continuously looks for answers

How Do We Do It?

  • Kids will get to learn about Chemistry through various chemical experiments
  • Physics will be taught through various physical experiments. Kids will get to know the concepts of gravity, speed, inertia, sound, light, force etc. through real life experiments
  • The personalized package will contain all the required items for the experiments
  • Assignments will be given via flashcards

General knowledge is a must in today’s world. We ensure that your kid is aware about the things relevant to him happening around the world. We offer simple activities for your kids to improve their basic general knowledge.

Benefits of General Knowledge Activity

  • Having the up to date knowledge is very important to keep up with the tough competition. Our educational programs are regularly updated with the current affairs. Having good general knowledge also assists in the studies of children.
  • Having good general knowledge enhances academic knowledge which helps to acquire better grades.
  • Good general knowledge also helps a child in his decision making process. This is due to the fact that he‚Äôs already aware of various things.
  • Kids who have better general knowledge have better communication skills as well.
  • General knowledge also helps the kids to have more creativity and innovative skills.
  • Good general knowledge helps the kids to develop their own intellect and opinion.

How Do We Do It?

  • Interactive puppet shows for children on various topics.
  • The monthly package will contain flashcards about various topics
  • Productive debates on various topics
  • Community events will include group discussions

If kid is exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age, it can enormously help the kid shape his future. These activities can be of tremendous value to your kid and provide him with a lot of beneficial information. Your kid will also develop appreciation for money.

We at MerrySpell focus on helping your child to become tomorrow’s leader. We aim to develop financial literacy to manage money and realize it’s importance in children. Schools often lack the curriculum to educate kids about financial processes.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship & Leadership

  • Teaching a kid about leadership helps him to become more responsible in life
  • Leadership lessons effectively boosts self-confidence level in a child
  • True leadership lessons help a kid to develop better coordination with his mates
  • Entrepreneurship is the perfect building stone to innovation. Entrepreneurship gives the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. Kids learn to take calculated risks to implement their ideas to shape.
  • To build a new idea for entrepreneurship kids have to do a research as well. This builds a curious mind with good knowledge.

How Do We Do It?

  • Kids will be given assignments like make a stall, set up a brand, designing an E-commerce model, make business cards to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in them
  • Kids will get to know how to set up their own business
  • Our website will also showcase the brightest ideas from the kids
  • Kids will get the chance to lead in various group activities. This will help them to improve their leadership qualities

Our brain boosting activities improves memory retention, fluid intelligence and general problem solving skills. The best way to learn is to eliminate the boring part and replace it with fun. Games and activities which makes children think, memorize and strategize are best suited for boosting the brain’s ability of your child.

Benefits of Brain Boosting Activities

  • These activities are helpful in improving the thinking process of a child. A child‚Äôs mind is the only time when this thinking process can be boosted at the maximum rate. The games and activities generate better concentration level and response time to deal with real world tasks.
  • These activities help to develop problem-solving skills. Even to solve the simplest puzzle a child has to use his imagination to strategize the possible solution. For the correct strategy child uses reasoning skills and solving skills. These skills become very useful later in their adult life.
  • Solving brain boosting activities eventually boosts their self-esteem as well. It is the satisfaction after solving a puzzle that gives them some sense of pride and boosts their confidence level. This gradually helps them to solve greater challenges in their life.
  • Many of the brain boosting activities require other individuals to solve. This gives the chance to your kid to improve his socialization skills.

How Do We Do It?

  • The personalized package will contain various boosting games, riddles, crosswords, mazes and puzzles
  • Kids will be given investigative games to improve their observational skills

Kids will be given models to build with building block to improve their creativity

Music and dance improves social skills of your child which are extremely important for the overall development of your child. Studies show that if a child is involved in activities like music and dance it actually accelerates the growth of the brain. It helps the body and mind to work together properly.

Benefits of Music

Music works as a motivational tool for the child. Children have better concentration levels when engaged in musical activities. Furthermore, music also helps in the development of emotional growth of a child. All of these help in the improvement of a child’s mental health.

  • Music can increase attention span of a child. A child can focus better with the help of music
  • Music provides the richness and depth of human expression. Children get the chance to comprehend our world better than ever
  • Kids have the opportunity to get involved in group musical activities with us
  • Singing requires public presentation. It automatically boosts the self confidence of a child as he has to perform. This can be highly beneficial to an introvert child
  • Music can become a source of peace for a child. It can become a place where a child can shut himself out of his surroundings. It can provide him some personal space as well

How Do We Do It?

  • Kids will get the chance to learn various musical instruments
  • Tips and Advices will be given by experts to improve their skills
  • Events and contests will be organized so children get a chance to present themselves
  • E-learning material will be provided

Our human race is not just limited to planet earth. We are meant to go beyond our horizon and explore the unexplored. Human race has already taken a “giant leap for mankind” by stepping into the surface of the moon. But this exploration is not limited to our solar system. The quest for knowledge is never ending just like the walls of our universe.

Benefits of Space Science

  • Kids often find space science the most interesting form of science. Surely, cause not much is known about our universe. It is every expanding, so the possibilities are also endless.
  • Concepts of Space science are generally used in other interdisciplinary courses in science as well. Studying about space science can help a kid to study courses in science.
  • It can also become a hobby for a kid. Space science can easily be studied anywhere without the need to advanced equipment. Whereas, other subjects like biology and chemistry requires specialized tools and models.

    How Do We Do It?

  • Videos focusing on space science
  • Practical experiments like space observation
  • Various interactive quizzes for kids
  • Updated curriculum with the latest discoveries
  • Interactive games to understand space
  • Our program makes your child aware about the solar system, black holes, stars, comets, galaxies and much more. The more your child will learn about the space , the more appreciation he will develop for our planet earth.

A little exposure to your child about the problems faced by our society can enormously help your child build empathy for others at an early age. We help your child develop the urge to take a stand to change the world for better.
Building a true compassionate heart is our aim. For this we will organise events to help out the underprivileged.

Benefits Of Social Work

  • This help a child to develop better emotional health which is beneficial in decision making
  • Children also get to know about the current affairs in the world. He begins to understand the problems faced by the people around the world
  • Social work also develops problem solving capabilities in a child

How Do We Do It?

  • Make and donate concept will be taught to the children
  • Useful items will be made by the children for the underprivileged
  • Kids will get the chance to become a part of ZForce (NGO)

With the help of our activities your child will surely get inspired to understand why engineering and robotics is a great career choice. We help kids to develop interest in these areas. It an effective way of introducing programming to kids. Kids will be learning on what robots and can and what they can’t.

Our educational programs will focus on various interactive activities about engineering and programming. To have the maximum participation we will also introduce the wonders of robotics to the kids. Robotics helps the kids to understand the complexity of programming in an interactive and a fun learning way.

Benefits Of Engineering And Robotics

  • Robotics helps to understand the blend of mechanical technology with digital technology.
  • The study of robotics helps to bring down technology to the best practical levels.
  • Robotics prepares the kids to work in competitive workforce as we know the there will be robots in future
  • The study of engineering requires problem solving capabilities which automatically brings innovation

How Do We Do It?

  • Kids will get know about the basics of robotics with toys like Meccano
  • For advanced robotics kids will get the chance explore systems like Raspberry pi
  • Engineering activities focusing on building and designing activities will be given to children

We organize various events filled with competitions and contests to encourage kids participation
Such events play a vital role boosting the confidence level of kids and eliminating stage fear. Public speaking is very important for kids today due to increased competition in today’s world.

Special attention will be given to children who are under-confident. Having the right confidence level and communication skill can help children to speak out their mind with ease.

Benefits Of Public Speaking

  • Public speaking helps a child to gain leadership qualities as people with good public speaking skills are the most influential people
  • Having good public speaking skills also helps in developing good vocabulary and speech fluency. This can be essential for children who are introvert
  • It also gives children a good competitive edge over others in their class
  • Public speaking helps a child to build better social connections with others

How Do We Do It

  • Kids will get the chance to prepare and deliver speech on events
  • Focus on improving presentational skills
  • Individual attention will be given to children with low confidence

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